May 22, 2022

Communities Minister Derridre Harge told the MLAs that a m 36m funding package for upgrading and rebuilding the regional football stadium had been suspended.

East London Dairy MLA Bradley has now written a letter to the Community Minister announcing the stadium funding.

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He said: “I have asked the Minister to engage with clubs like Colerian FC which have used their finances to plan and start operations on their own, as they will continue to fund this. Can’t wait any longer

“Funding for the stadium has already been agreed at the executive level, it is just waiting for the release of the minister’s funds.

The Sun Fans easily forgot that they demolished Stormont for three years.

“Prior to the disaster, the then Community Minister Paul Gavin conducted an extensive survey and was about to release funding.

“On the restoration of Stormont, the new Community Minister, Harge, decided to hold further consultations, which further delayed the funding.

“For two years now, the minister has been telling everyone that the result is very close, but even today nothing has been given.

“In the coming weeks, there will be progress,” he said in August.

In September, he said the program would be launched “shortly.”

“However, we have seen a minister playing politics with sports and funding for our football clubs.”

The minister said he was committed to providing funding before the mandate expires, but added that “it is not my fault that people have left the executive.”

MLA Claire Sugden also spoke about the stadium’s failure to provide funding.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“I have been looking for updates on this funding for almost a year now and I have been promised that this will happen in the future.

“This is a major blow to local clubs, especially clubs outside of Belfast. The clubs were working on exciting projects that would transform their stadiums into a community space that goes far beyond football.”

“Many football grounds, such as Colrin FC, are located in working-class areas, so this funding was an opportunity to help local people, strengthen communities and invest in an area that Hope and aspirations arise. “

“The Minister of Communities and the wider executive need to fully explain this decision to those who are working on projects with positive, far-reaching effects.”

Colerian FC has launched the third phase of its stadium renovation project.

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