May 27, 2022

MARKS and Spencers have announced a pay rise for their workers, raising their wages to £ 10 an hour.

The new legal minimum wage of £ 9.50 per hour for those 23 years of age or older comes in April anyway, but some supermarkets are already ahead of the game and offer up to 10.57 per hour.


We rate the salaries of all supermarkets – some are over £ 10 an hour.Credit: AFP – Getty

The minimum wage is currently 8.91, up from last year’s increase.

But when the new rates come in just over a month, many workers will get an extra 59p per hour.

However, most supermarkets have increased their salaries even more.

Some have increased wages as a reward for all the hard workers who have fought the epidemic, while others have staked on recruiting new workers amid labor shortages.

Marks & Sparks is the latest to join the wage hike as it pays its workers an extra 50p per hour.

However, this is not the biggest offer for any potential retailer.

You can get up to ld 10.57 with Aldi, but that requires a few years of employment, while Lidl offers باہر 10.10 to anyone outside of London.

Sainsburys and Morrisons are on the same level as Marks and Spencer with at least £ 10.

The rent of all supermarkets is, as we give them the lowest rating from the highest salary:

Day: .5 10.57

If you start anew in Aldi you get £ 10.10, after the increase in wages earlier this month.

To get .5 10.57 you need to work three years at the store under your belt.

This is as long as you don’t stay inside the M25, where it has risen to at least .5 11.55.

Lidl: £ 10.10

Lidl entry-level wages have risen from £ 9.50 to 10 10.10 an hour since March this year.

If you live in London, it’s going up from £ 10.85 to 30 11.30.

Depending on the length of your service, it can go up to £ 11.40 or £ 12.25.

When wages go up, that means more than a 6% increase in the salaries of some of Lidl’s more than 21,000 colleagues.

Liddell said the rise was an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of frontline colleagues over the last 18 months of the epidemic.

Morrison £ 10.00 8.7%

Morrison’s salary is at the same level as Marx and Spencer are now, but the budget supermarket took a big leap to get there.

When workers were last paid, it rose from 20 9.20 to £ 10, increasing workers’ wages by 80p per hour.

It was also the first UK supermarket to guarantee staff a minimum wage of £ 10 an hour in January last year.

The increase affected Morrison’s 96,000 colleagues – about 9% of its workforce.

Marks & Spencer £ 10.00

The news that Marx and Spencer are raising their salaries means that workers will receive more than 5%.

Wages are rising from £ 9.50 to £ 10, and workers receive a free health check as an added bonus.

New benefits include access to an online GP service, health checks and financial management advice.

Wage increases are not expected until April, but that means more than 40,000 employees will see a 50p per hour increase in their base rate.

Rates in London will rise from 75 10.75 to 25 11.25.

سب 10.00 in San Francisco

Sainsbury’s is raising wages for workers this year as well.

The store will raise its base rate from £ 9.50 to £ 10 per hour.

It doesn’t just affect the supermarket workers, as anyone under Sister Branch, Argos, gets the same salary increase.

Staff will not see additional 50p per hour until March 6.

Sainsbury’s boss Simon Roberts said the pay rise reflected the progress she was making against her savings plan.

The minimum hourly rate for workers in outer London will also go from £ 9.75 to 50 10.50 and in inner London from £ 10.10 to .0 11.05.

Asda: £ 9.66

Asda has confirmed that it will increase the hourly rate from £ 9.36 per hour to £ 9.66 per hour from April 1 this year.

And London workers will see their wages rise to 8 10.83.

The budget supermarket has received some response for not meeting the minimum £ 10 mark, but has previously argued that its bonuses are higher than some other stores.

Store concessions include a 10% discount on Asda Grocery and George items, and a 20% discount on food to go in stores and petrol filling stations, as well as an annual bonus for workers.

Tesco 9.55

Tesco raised its wages from 30 9.30 to .5 9.55 in September last year.

The store has increased its Night Premium payments for eligible partners from £ 2.21 to 30 2.30 – an increase of 4.1%.

Night premium payments are bonuses that workers receive at the most up-to-date and very early hours, so if some workers choose these shifts they have the opportunity to earn more than £ 10 per hour.

Iceland: £ 9

Workers in Iceland are paid £ 9 per hour, with workers in London at £ 9.90.

The supermarket pays this rate to employees of all ages, including new starters.

The same goes for sister company, Food Ware House.

Although not the most rewarding job, Icelandic employees get a staff discount card that can save them up to 10% off Iceland and food warehouse stores.

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