May 27, 2022
Can Finance Secretary Kate Forbes do more for the Scots in the midst of a life crisis? (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images)

Why aren’t any of them calling on the Scottish Government to reduce income tax rates or increase personal tax allowances in Scotland? They are controlled by the Scottish Government and can be used to cover the increase in National Insurance.

I suspect this is a case if it is easier to attack than to act. If you are really worried, reduce your controlled taxes now and put more money back into the pockets of Scottish taxpayers.

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When the SNP finally publishes its prospectus for the referendum it wants to hold, I can safely predict that it will be more than a mixture of hopes, aspirations and ideas. Separatists have repeatedly said that if Scotland secedes from Britain it will be “true” but they have no way of knowing for sure.

However, there is a way to dispel suspicions and at the same time stop all disputes on the letters page – the SNP should use the mandate they claim and to find out if the UK Talks should start with the government. There will be separation.

What will be our border? What will be the trade arrangements? Which currency will Scotland use? Who will pay the pension? All of this and much more can be extracted and then presented to Scottish voters so that everyone knows who is being voted for.

Of course, the SNP will not take this clear path because it knows that the UK is a much larger and more economically viable entity than Scotland and will therefore set the conditions for secession to its advantage. Under these circumstances, I am convinced that the majority of the rest of the UK will be much more than 55% at the last minute.

If the British government had done the same with the European Union before the Bridget referendum, the outcome would certainly have been different. Many people bought this pig in one fell swoop as a result of feeding lies and fantasies. Let’s not mix and repeat the mistake with Scotland.

Bill Cooper, Converse, Perth and Converse

Waiting for freedom. Don’t be afraid of it The first year can be difficult but can be so exciting because we all know that every penny we pay in taxes is spent somehow to make Scotland a rich, prosperous country to live in. ۔ Look at Ireland. Their GDP is much higher than ours. Holiday in Ireland and meet confident, happy people in the country you welcome. Help at meal times is great and delicious. Even his rugby team is second to none!

Our youth are all for freedom and we must not deny them the right to become experts in their own fields of work and the powerful people of the future who will take our country forward.

I am tired of Westminster making sure that Scotland came in second when new opportunities arose. We should be able to make the most of this new addition to our ocean wind farms, not to see profits slide down to Westminster as they did when they first discovered oil. The Irish had to fight for their independence. We just have to vote for it.

It’s time to dump her and move on. An even better pension, perhaps. Westminster’s current one will soon take a wooden spoon in Europe when, without a triple lock, Westminster has no reason to raise it to cope with inflation.

Elizabeth Scott, Edinburgh

Christine Jardine is naive in claiming that Boris Johnson’s declining popularity does not appear to be in support of Scottish independence (view, February 14). All the evidence shows the opposite, with the recent survey showing an equal distribution between yes and no, indicating an increase in the right. Even in early December, when Johnson began to get into serious trouble, The Scotsman reported a “significant swing in favor.” Ms Jardine lamented the SNP’s record in government, claiming that it lacked ideology and a radical agenda, concluding that it had become a political establishment. Although there is some truth in this argument, Ms. Jardine failed to mention that the opposition parties have failed to achieve much to overthrow the 15-year-old SNP government. There is no explanation as to why the SNP gets twice as many votes as the next most popular party and almost eight times as many with the support of the Liberal Democrats. The government will address NHS waiting lists, council budgets, overcrowded classrooms and dilapidated roads. She could also cite one of the worst levels of schooling in Europe, the highest drug-related mortality rate in Europe, one in four child poverty, a mental health crisis and a staff crisis in care. ۔

One can only conclude that it is Nicola Sturgeon’s personal popularity that keeps the SNP support high and that despite the recent decline, his ranking is far ahead of any opposition leader. Voters’ continued confidence in Ms Sturgeon’s leadership is in stark contrast to Mr Johnson’s, and opposition MPs like Ms Jardine need their radical views if they do not want Scotland to move towards independence.

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Despite Boris Johnson being SNP’s best ‘dead cat’, nationalists can’t hide …

As someone who voted for Scottish independence in 2014 and provides groceries around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, I think I can use the Prime Minister’s excuse for that fact. That the Prime Minister is still in his place. In short, no one warned me that voting for Scottish independence would prevent me from deciding who would be prime minister if we decided to stay in the union.

This is exactly what happens when freedom fighters are not allowed to join the Conservative and Unionist parties, as I understand them, or because they become backbench Tory MPs.

I can, if I wish, join the Scottish Labor Party, or as someone who believes in electoral reform, House of Lords reform and some federalism, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, as I understand it. They do not prevent freedom fighters from joining them.

There is no point in this when neither the Prime Minister nor some of his back bench MPs fail to understand that their behavior is harming the Union.

Peter Owen Stone, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

The prime minister warned that “the evidence is clear” that Russia could invade Ukraine within 48 hours.

Is he trying to persuade Putin to do the same? Threats from one or both sides in negotiations rarely work positively. The Foreign Secretary is also “taking the first step” by urging British citizens to leave Ukraine. Presenting these threats in the media will hardly frame Mr. Putin’s mind for positive negotiations.

As far as the defense minister’s claim that some European diplomatic efforts to reduce the crisis in Ukraine are “upset in Munich”, do we need to oppose Russia as well as Europe? None of us want a war, but the way the British government is thinking about these talks amazes me. Ministers can deal with some basic lessons of negotiation skills.

He objected and persuaded Nicola Sturgeon to agree to oppose the development of combo fields in the North Sea. However, this means that the gas and oil that we need for the economy will only have to travel a long distance and this will result in huge amounts of unnecessary CO2 to reach us. Many Scottish nationalists oppose it.

Maybe it’s time for the SNP to reconsider its relationship with the Greens. This is counterproductive for all. Greens’ economic illiteracy is shameful and the SNP can do no good.

I read Martin McLaughlin’s (Perspective, February 16) article on Scotland’s involvement in slavery and noted the allegations made by Sir Jeff Palmer that Sir Tom Devine and others were members of “educational racist groups”. ۔ About a decade ago, I first heard Mr. Palmer talk to our local Rotary Club about slavery in the West Indies, and since then I have read his letters on the same subject in the pages of Scotsman’s letters. And even seen it in a road show of antiques in which one of the experts’ assessments told everything about the subject.

Now I agree that slavery was a terrible thing, and Scotland’s accession was a disgrace, but we were not alone, and as far as I know, Sir Jeff did not speak or write any articles. He never mentioned joining? The black tribal chiefs, who sold their own people into slavery, and the Arabs who chained them to shore to be transported to the United States by European ships.

In the interest of accuracy and fairness, let’s hope that Sir Geoff can rebalance the accusation in his future announcements and accept that racism is not only committed by whites.

Bill Mackenzie, Pancake, Midlothen

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