May 21, 2022
Gas masks were left on the floor at a school in the deserted town of Prepyat, adjacent to the Chernobyl nuclear site (Photo: Sergei Sopinsky / AFP via Getty Images)

Unfortunately, that is not all. Like all nuclear reactors, they will produce deadly radioactive waste that will remain deadly for more than 50,000 years. We have no idea how to safely store and manage the nuclear waste that we have created over the last 80 years and we are not considering adding to this deadly and very expensive problem. should do.

These stations will also be a target for terrorists, but the Wind Scale Fire (1957), the Three Mile Island meltdown (1979), the Chernobyl explosion (1986) and the Fukushima disaster that ended the construction of nuclear power plants in Japan (2011). done. Show that it does not need terrorists to turn nuclear power plants into weapons of mass destruction.

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John F. Robbins, Cardros, Argyle and Butt

So the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Westminster will use his “magic money tree” in October to pay energy providers £ 200, on their books for each home, as a reduction in “our” bills. Developed on But we, the householders, expect to repay this mandatory کے 200 loan in the next five years.

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The UK government should present an emergency budget to deal with the fast-growing Tories.

The Westminster government has also allowed energy companies to raise energy tariffs by 54%, while in France, their government has asked the state EDF to limit price increases to 4%. To avoid doubt: if you are an EDF customer here, the 4% limit does not apply to you – only to French customers.

As petrol and diesel prices rose last year due to a shortage of supplies, but there is no sign of a return – why do I think new, higher, lower domestic electricity charges will not happen when we Had “paid” for it. 200? Especially as the same Chancellor – who is said to be the richest man in the House of Commons – is also advising us that “higher energy prices are the ones we have to adjust”.

Ian Waugh, Dumfries, Dumfries and Galway

We already disagree on whether the UK will continue to pay state pensions to the Scots after independence. Our first minister says no, it will fall on Scotland. His spokesman in Westminster, Ian Blackford MP, disagreed.

It is characterized by hundreds of such arguments and uncertainties, and unexpected consequences, which will slowly unfold as the process of liberation progresses. Scotland itself – in the midst of international trade uncertainty – will have a difficult time financially trying to join the European Union. The argument for independence urgently needs appropriate facts and figures.

Malcolm Parkin, Kaneeswood, Perth and Converse

The new unlimited parking charges proposed for work approved by the SNP / Green coalition will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for those in rural Scotland where bus services are poor or non-existent.

This is another “green” paper from Hollywood which will have many consequences for Scottish workers.

Dennis Forbes Greaten, Buxburn, Aberdeen

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