May 22, 2022
Kerr Starmer has not strongly opposed Boris Johnson’s Conservatives (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images)

Labor Party Leader He made the remarks on BBC Radio Newcastle. At the beginning of the week. “We’re out of the EU and we’re not going back – let me be very clear about this in the Northeast,” Starmer said, emphasizing his whereabouts. Well, he may be talking to the northeast of England, but further north we can hear his message loud and clear.

Scottish voters are still valued by Sir Care’s Labor Party. It doesn’t matter that the majority here have voted to stay in the EU and are being pushed out against our wishes, Scotland – at best – considered the UK a boon for Labor.

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Long frustrated with the party, Scottish voters are meaningful, mainly when voting in Westminster does not go the way of Labor (even if it is the presidency). The British alone usually win and lose votes.).

What we hear again is that, fundamentally, the needs of the Scottish electorate are not important enough to be reflected in Labor’s strategy. Labor’s compass is far from Scotland, the place has been rusty for a long time.

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Starmer has often been criticized for not presenting strong opposition to Boris Johnson and the Conservatives. In fact, SNP’s Ian Blackford’s credible performance during the PM’s question shows Starmer’s relative leniency. Not surprisingly, observers often describe them as “real opposition.” But aside from the theater, Sir Care certainly has no interest in challenging the Tories on behalf of Scottish interests, as their patronage of us is very different.

Where’s the fire in Starmer’s stomach? Where is his vision for re-routing the devastation of the last decade of the Tories? If the Labor Party’s plan for power is to follow the Conservatives’ path, and to pave the way for the most difficult possible Briggs for them, then why should Scotland stay? We are being dragged back like luggage.

Note the clear double standard. While Sir Carey is keen to bring Briggs to court, as Brexit Opportunity Minister Jacob Reese Mogg puts Tory lines ahead of parrots about finding “opportunities” in the midst of turmoil, it is worth noting that Starmer The Labor Party, like Corbyn’s, has been stubborn. Rejecting strong support for the post-Bridget Scottish independence referendum – and outright denial.

Pay attention to this. Scottish voters are expected to remain silent, to relinquish our democratic rights, and to accept Westminster rule, no matter who is in charge. The Tories and Labor alike see Scottish interests as a troubling issue that needs to be addressed.

Scotland’s independence is the only opportunity Scotland has to change course. We can live in the UK and “solve” our interests because Brexit destroys the economy. Or we can choose not to settle, and really value our vote.

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