May 26, 2022

The ongoing controversy over the Northern Ireland Protocol is just one example of the consequences of ignoring the details.

As the SNP-Green Scottish Government moves forward with its plans for a second independence referendum, they need to learn from the mistakes of Boris Johnson and avoid the temptations of the populist blaster as an alternative to careful planning, which is undoubtedly a disaster. What will happen?

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But questions about currency, pensions, the nature of independent Scotland’s trade relations with the rest of the UK, and the pace of its entry into the European market are not merely scientific for nationalists.

These are serious issues for existing companies and those considering opening a new factory in Scotland or investing in any size, here and now.

The remark by David Lockwood, chief executive of Babcock International, that the company could move its rosette shipyard to England could not be simply dismissed as “we are told we are not welcome” in an independent Scotland.

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Babcock Shipyard can relocate if it is undesirable in independent Scotland, says …

They should call for fresh thinking from the leading lights of the independence movement to ensure that businesses like Babcock are really welcome. As a defense firm, it may have specific concerns, but most companies that do business with the rest of the UK will have their own, especially the ability of relatively small companies to do business in the EU. Given the effects of Brexit

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales departed from the Rockath Dockyard in Babcock in 2019 (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images)

SNP defense spokesman Stuart MacDonald’s response that Babcock was “not only welcome, but important” was the right immediate message to send, but now it needs to be backed up with more concrete reassurances.

Given Johnson’s government’s refusal to allow a second referendum and the Scottish Government’s commitment to hold a referendum, Scotland could face uncertainty about its future for years to come. How influential companies make long-term, big-money decisions. .

So it is up to the central characters of freedom, the most important thing is that those in government find ways to reduce this uncertainty and find answers to the basic, fundamental questions of what freedom means and How will it work Brexit-style bravery will not diminish it.

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