May 26, 2022

An AN SNP politician has been criticized by a former BBC Scotland editor for criticizing Scottish politics for “bile, hatred and suspicion”.

Sarah Smith, who has become the BBC’s North America editor, said she described the abuse by hardline nationalists as “very vicious” by “certain sections of the population”. ۔


James Dornan has been criticized for his comments.Credit: Getty
Sarah Smith criticizes Scottish politics.


Sarah Smith criticizes Scottish politics.Credit: PA

He described how people would “roll down their car windows and ask me, ‘What lie are you going to tell on TV tonight, you lying bitch'”.

In an interview with BBC Wales, Ms Smith said the world of American politics is a less stressful place to work than Scotland.

And she talked about her “relief” from leaving Scotland behind, where she would be “wonderfully anonymous”.

“I am very concerned that the criticism, hatred and animosity that I have received from some quarters is damaging the BBC’s reputation,” he said.

But Ms Smith’s interview sparked further abuse by hardliners.

And SNP MSP James Dornen even suggested that he had imagined abuse.

The Glasgow Cathcart MSP responded by commenting on the story on Twitter, citing an example of his tweet with a “rolling eye” emoji.

He posted: “America will be the best place to escape all your imaginary worries right now.”

Tory MSP Jamie Holcro Johnston said Mr Dornen’s comments were “a shameful response to a woman’s personal experiences of abuse”.

Fellow Tory MSP Meghan Gallacher said: “James Dorman’s comments are embarrassing. I would say I’m surprised but I’m not.”

Later, Mr Dornen said: “It was wrong to use the word ‘imaginary’, it should have been ‘exaggerated’. The abuse is huge. What is worse is that neither she nor the rest of Britain is paying attention to what is happening there.

The BBC’s Sarah Smith says she prefers reporting to gun-free America over hate-filled Scotland.

Mike Russell, the constitutional secretary to the former SNP government and now president of the SNP, told BBC Wales that the BBC was “a creature of the British state” and that it was “interested in protecting that state.” Is”.

Alex Salmond has publicly blamed the BBC’s “bias” for losing the 2014 referendum.

A spokesman for the separatist Alba party said the BBC was “a better tool to intimidate” and urged people to boycott license fees.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole Hamilton said: “I am saddened to see this, but not surprised that after Sarah’s speech she received another wave of abuse of nationalists.”

Pamela Nash, Scotland’s chief executive at the union, said: “The toxic environment created by the SNP’s divisive politics has led many reporters to experience online violence.”

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