May 26, 2022

Statistics released by the Scottish Government on Thursday show that 789 such crimes were committed in January, compared to 736 in January 2020.

Despite the increase, the figures show a 5% drop from the pre-epidemic level for all crimes, down from 19,758 to 18,736.

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Sex crimes increased by 3%, from 1,107 to 1,145 in 2020, while dishonesty decreased by 8% – from 8,658 to 7,944.

Conservative MSP Jamie Green has accused the Scottish government of taking a “soft touch” approach to crime.

Other crimes – classified as “crimes against public justice”, possession of offensive weapons or drug offenses – were 6% higher than in January 2020, while arson and vandalism were 7% lower.

The new figures were released 24 hours after the revelation that Lockdown saw abusers using government sanctions as a weapon and feared a deal with Covid 19 to harass and control its victims. What

A study by the University of the West of Scotland found that victims of domestic abuse were held in solitary confinement with their abusers, deprived of safe havens and deprived of opportunities to contact others for help or assistance. And because of the school closures, more children have been abused.

Jamie Green, a spokesman for the Scottish Conservative Justice, said the figures were a sign of the Scottish Government’s “soft touch” approach to justice.

He added that speculative policies against short sentences – aimed at reducing the number of sentences of less than one year in prison – and automatic early release of offenders sentenced to four years or less, would be “all-encompassing”. Sends the wrong signal.

He added: “About 800 violent incidents a month are completely unacceptable.

“Our hardworking police officers work tirelessly every day to protect their communities, but they are looked down upon at every turn by SNP ministers.

“The SNP’s persistent soft-touch justice approach is completely failing to deal with violent incidents and many perpetrators feel they will miss out on punishment for horrific crimes.

“Policies such as speculation and automatic quick release against short sentences send all the wrong signals to criminals.

“It is clear that violent crime is now far beyond pre-epidemic levels and is almost certain to reach its peak under Nicola Sturgeon as Prime Minister.”

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