May 28, 2022

Drivers can get a 7p discount on a liter of fuel at Morrison for a limited time.

The discount comes at a time when petrol prices have reached a record high of 148p per liter and will cost more due to the crisis of life.


Morrison is offering a 7p per liter fuel discount to consumers who spend more than £ 40 in the store.Credit: Gary Stone

This means that the discount is about 5% of the average liter of fuel.

But every little bit helps because the British have to deal with skyrocketing fuel prices, from energy to food prices, as well as rising costs.

Morrison is taking steps to help consumers pay the cost of going from A to B by paying their fuel bills.

Rachel Ayre, Morrison’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, said: “We know that rising cost of living has really started to cut for everyone in the UK and we want our customers to spend money on one of their biggest expenses. We want to save them and help them. “

The catch is that you must first spend a certain amount of money in the store.

Before you can claim 7p on your fuel, you must purchase at least £ 40 worth at the Morrisons store.

This is true if you combine the two tasks into one, although when you tamper with the grocery, you will be rewarded with a coupon for the amount of petrol.

You can redeem savings at any Morrison Petrol Station (excluding Morrison Daily Petrol Station) from today until February 27.

But that means there are only 10 days left in the return of petrol, only available at full price.

While this doesn’t make it too late for buyers to load their trolley at minimal cost and load their fuel tank with juice, it does not mean that drivers should be alarmed by the supermarket’s forecourts. Buy available fuel.

In the fall of last year, drivers panic-stricken people bought fuel when fears of scarcity gripped the nation.

Drivers don’t have to worry anymore, as Morrison’s discounted fuel is not going to run out anytime soon, you just have to meet the معیار 40 cost standard to bag it for yourself.

Morrison has 339 filling stations across the UK, and you can find out where your nearest location is by using its Store Locator tool.

Other ways to reduce petrol prices

Despite the Morrisons’ invited discounts, you may find that there are cheaper prices or similar in another garage near you.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t travel to the supermarket just because you run out of money, because you can save better elsewhere.

You don’t want to drive for miles to get fuel, so if you have a choice of petrol station in your area, it pays to shop around.

website Allows you to search 20 free at nearby petrol stations to see who has the best rates.

There are also ways to reduce fuel costs by saving what you already have, so you don’t have to rush to refill your tank.

For example, sharing elevators can help you reduce your car usage and save on gasoline costs.

You can run the fuel tank longer by making sure your tires are at the right pressure, and not too heavy with the accelerator.

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