May 27, 2022

Jim Shark is one of our favorite places to shop for gym gear.

While some may be looking for a brand new workout wardrobe, others may want a few new pieces to refresh the collection and this is exactly what we are looking for.


Jim Shark is the shopping destination for Jim Gear.Credit: Jim Shark

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Jamsharak is one of our favorite retailers, with everything from stunning gym gear, leggings and sports bras to T-shirts, base layers, jumpers and windshields.

Whether you’re an avid runner, a budding yogi, a gym rabbit, an experienced athlete; Or even a beginner who is embarking on your fitness journey is the perfect place to start being in the right gear.

Jamsharak is known for its flattering chords, but its variants are also very popular and prices range from £ 12.50 to £ 45.

Stuck on what to buy? We’ve sorted out the best-selling items in Jamsharak that shouldn’t be missed.

Here is what we love.

Buy Jam Shark Best Sellers

1. Flex high-waisted leggings

Leggings are required


Leggings are requiredCredit: Jim Shark

A pair of leggings is a must, and a basic requirement for all sports.

The high-waisted design is extremely flattering and supportive, while the sweat-absorbing fabric aims to keep sweat away from the body to help regulate body temperature.

  • Flex Highweight Leggings, – 45 – Buy here

2. Wear chemo seamless shorts.

Smooth designs are perfect for exercise.


Smooth designs are perfect for exercise.Credit: Jim Shark

Smooth designs are very popular when it comes to sportswear, as they prevent any irritation or tingling during your workout.

This design also features a large waistband for flattery, and a ruched detail on the side.

  • Adopt Chemo Seamless Shorts, £ 38 – Buy here

3. Legacy Graphic Sweet Shirt

Stay warm and look cool


Stay warm and look coolCredit: Jim Shark

It’s important to stay warm while exercising, as well as when you’re going to and from your gym class.

But even when you’re not exercising, and maybe working from home or running a business, it’s not wise to stock up on sweet shirts to insulate them.

  • Legacy Graphic Sweet Shirt, 35 – Buy here

4. Adapt the umbrella seamless long sleeve crop top

We love this Umbri design.


We love this Umbri design.Credit: Jim Shark

For those who want to add a little extra style to their workout gear, this long sleeve crop top with ombre effect is a must.

This style is very flattering with long arms, which has a hem on the cuff, waist and neck line, which works to keep you warm while exercising.

  • Adopt Ombre Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top, 38 – Buy here

5. Flex strappy sports bra

You can't go wrong with that


You can’t go wrong with thatCredit: Jim Shark

Jim Shark has a variety of sports bras available for purchase with a variety of collaborations.

For those who want less support, this number is for you. It also features low back, adjustable straps and removable padding, so you can prepare this top for the perfect fit.

  • Flex Streppy Sports Bra, 30 – Buy here

6. Speed ​​wind breaker

Keep warm in the air


Keep warm in the airCredit: Jim Shark

It doesn’t matter what the weather is, the gym shark can’t stop you from exercising with the windbreaker.

This lightweight design has a regular fit, a split seam to keep you warm and dry so no movement is restricted, and a running hood.

It can also be packed in a pocket so you can carry it on the go.

7. Training base layer long arm top

We like this long sleeved top.


We like this long sleeved top.Credit: Jim Shark

For those looking for extra warmth for their next outdoor workout, a base layer is a must have.

This figure-hugging design is a sweat remover to regulate your body temperature to keep sweat out of the body and keep you from feeling cold.

  • Training base layer long sleeve top, 25 – Buy here

8. Flex zipper through jacket

Keep warm in this zipper throw jacket


Keep warm in this zipper throw jacketCredit: Jim Shark

For those who want a little coverage, this Zip Throw Jacket is a must, and is a classic find at the gym.

You can layer under a sports bra, t-shirt, base layer or sweat shirt.

  • Flex zipper through jacket, 45 – Buy here

9. Flex shorts

These shorts are perfect for summer.


These shorts are perfect for summer.Credit: Jim Shark

Shorts are worth investing, with flattering around summer, and storage on the assistant.

We can’t stop complaining about flex shorts because they are body contouring, too flattering, and ideal for those looking for an alternative to high rise design.

10. Open back training sports bad

Need a new sports bra?


Need a new sports bra?Credit: Jim Shark

Buying more accessory sports bra? Open back training sports is bad for you.

This creation includes pre-made cups, adjusting straps, as well as hooks and blindfolds.

  • Open Back Training Sports Bra, 35 – Buy here

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