August 7, 2022

However, Sinn Fein Councilor Oliver Macmillan had a problem with the brand name, which did not include the word ‘Glens’.

As a one-stop food network for the local food scene, Taste Causeway aims to change the reputation of food in the area. Since its inception as a council-led project, it has become a community interest company, successfully enjoying the status of an All Ireland Food Destination Award winner and a recognized slow food destination.

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The Causeway Coast and Glens Council has supported the Taste Causeway project at a cost of £ 25,000 annually over the past three years, under the agricultural food aid initiative, with N 144,000 Invest NI support over the last three years until January 2022. ۔

The Taste Causeway requested that the Council continue its support and approve the annual financial partnership for the same three-year period, matching the business case of Phase III of Invest NI’s Collaborative Growth Program (CGP). K 20k annually through funding.

Suggesting accepting the recommendation, DUP Councilor Aaron Callen said: “The Taste Causeway Venture is probably one of the biggest success stories in our local area and the fact that it grew out of a council-led project. And now its shape has changed. A successful body is proof of thinking in a day to establish it.

“Our hospitality sector, and especially the food and beverage sector, is growing year by year in Northern Ireland and it also connects to our agricultural base here on the Causeway Coast and Glenz.

“I have no hesitation in suggesting that we support the project. K 20k is a small amount each year that has a huge impact.

Councilor Adrian McCullen, a party colleague, endorsed the proposal, adding: “I agree that the food business in the region is second to none and it would be a failure for us not to support it. As it has progressed in the last few years. “

Sunfen Counselor Oliver Macmillan asked why the brand name did not include Glenns, saying: “I have no problem with the program, just the brand name Causeway.

“When it comes to food production, that’s right in Causeway Coast and Glens. Is it the right brand name to promote the entire Causeway Coast and Glens Council area?”

“There’s a lot of food production going on in Glens and we’re left out of the brand name and I think that’s something to consider.”

Julian Elliott, the council’s town and village manager, explained: “Now that Taste Causeway is a community interest company, it can be difficult to change the brand at this stage, but membership comes from the entire Causeway Coast and Glens area. And they have 100. At present the board members and this includes not only producers but also suppliers and retail outlets.

Still not satisfied, Cllr McMullan added: “It’s nice to have a registered brand name but they’ve left out part of the council area and that’s a fact. I think it’s a big mistake to keep Glenns out of it. ۔

Citing Sunfen Counselor’s comments, Alderman George Diddy said: “I think it’s unfair for a councilor to ask a staff member to comment on a company name and add a name. Why not

“Taste Causeway has been around for a while and is an established brand, it’s their choice, it’s a community-based company and it’s their choice that they call themselves.

“I think a councilor would stand up to an officer and ask why there was no addition to the brand name we have heard of and we are well aware of what they would achieve in the community. And what they are doing in the Causeway area, across Northern Ireland and beyond, I think the question line is wrong and it shouldn’t be, it’s a private company matter.

“We are not here to tell private companies to change their name according to our political agenda.”

The funding approval recommendat
ion was approved unanimously.

The approved £ 20k ​​annual condition is that the test be successful in its bid for Causeway Phase III funding, awaiting Invest NI’s decision.

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