May 28, 2022
Dr. Bruce with his wife, Zoo, at Lisburn’s home, who will accompany him on the Presbytery Tour.

The visit, which will be his last as moderator, will include an enthusiastic return to the Scarva Street Presbyterian Church in Bambridge where he will preach. Here, more than half a century ago, Dr. Bruce was baptized.

It will be a busy day at the beginning of a busy week in which he will preach in several local Presbyterian churches, meet ministers and their spouses across the Presbyterian, visit schools and nursing homes, and Will be seen meeting with local business leaders. .

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With 20 separate engagements before him, Dr. Bruce, who will be accompanied by his wife Zoe, will begin his tour by preaching in the morning service at the Magraly Presbyterian and Cates Bridge Presbyterian churches – the first of five services where They will preach. Two Sundays. This evening they will also host the first of two joint services of Newmills Presbyterian Church for the people of the Western Congregation of the Presbytery.

Another united service will be held next Sunday at the Third Rathfreyland Presbyterian Church, where worshipers from the congregations in the eastern part of Presbyterian will worship together. He will also be preaching at the Scarva Street Presbyterian this morning. On Tuesday evening, as members of the Presbyterian gather for the March meeting at the Dermley Presbyterian, Dr. Bruce will attend and perform the inaugural service.

The Presbyterian Tour is a great opportunity for a moderator to ‘get out’ and learn about the church, seeing for the first time the work that the parties are doing in the community on earth. Zoë and I We look forward to seeing you there, “said Dr. Bruce.

“They are the visits of many pastors, and I want to encourage the local church, and especially our ministers, who have been on the front lines, after this difficult time, recognizing the work that they and their The churches have done, and are doing. The name of our Lord Jesus Christ. “

Throughout the week, there will be a focus on agriculture as well as education, with Nazim visiting Rathfreyland High School on Tuesday, where he will hold an assembly, followed by a visit to Dromodonal Primary School this afternoon. ۔ On Friday, he will enter Banbridge Academy, taking part in a question and answer session with senior RE and political students.

On Wednesday, Dr. Bruce will have lunch with PCI’s new Rural Chaplain, Rev. Kenny Hanna, and leading figures in the local farming and agricultural sectors, including Ulster Farmers Union President, Victor Chestant, to hear their concerns. Are facing Nazim will then visit the fields in the Tandragee area. He will also meet with local business owners in Bambridge.

As Rev. Gordon Best, Clerk of the Presbytery of Iveagh said: “We are delighted to welcome Dr. Bruce and Zoë to the Iveagh Presbytery. It will be a busy time and will be beneficial to all concerned.

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