May 20, 2022

How do you take your cup?

The Sun yesterday revealed how the builders’ classic mug of tea is the perfect companion for flavoring fish and chips.


Your favorite mix can also tell what kind of person you are.

But your favorite mix can also tell you what kind of person you are.

“How much you like your tea says a lot about your character,” says Dr. Carrie Rexton of the Tea Advisory Panel.

Here the doctor looks at some of our favorite types of kappa and makes his decision. . .

Builders – Strong, silent type: You are strong, reliable and strong with hidden depths. You love in a bold, confident way and with a hint of maturity.

Milk spray – Fencing: You often can’t make up your mind because you can see everyone’s point of view.

No milk – Simple: You value being truthful, and you only ask for honesty in return.

Milky – Warning: People who like milk a lot are a closed book, but can open. If someone can gain your trust, you will be a loyal friend.

Very weak – Anesthesia: A sharp bite of a tea bag may suggest that you are very comfortable. You say you want to fall in love but something always stops you. Could it be that you don’t really feel bad about yourself?

Well cooked – Excited: You are a waiting lover. Your passionate nature can meet the highest demands of your partners.

Ginger tea – Fire: Excited but a little angry. Sometimes you are too much for people but you make up for it by being very loyal.

Earl Gray – Surprisingly loyal: You look a little arrogant with a critical opinion on everything. But dig deeper and it is clear that you are fearless and loyal.

Peppermint – Mysterious: You don’t always let friends know your secret. However, for the people you really love, you have a sweet and giving center.

Chamomile – Cool: You are very good at keeping everyone calm in a crisis and are an ideal partner for a stressful rabbit.

Green tea – Amazing: If you like this blend then you are different from fresh and suitable to go against the flow. When you put your mind to it, you can surprise and amaze people.

A sugar – Serious: You like to have fun but you want to get into sophistication before you let go. You like the sweetness in life but when you talk about the people around you, you value honesty and honesty.

Too much sugar – Thrill Seeker: Three or more tablespoons means you like to have fun all day, every day. Life should be full of happiness. Lots of sweet, sweet moments are the key to spending the whole day.

Dr. Rexton is a member of the Tea Advisory Panel.

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