May 20, 2022

Former Inter Milan star Adriano reportedly made himself happy by spending £ 13,000 on 18 prostitutes after a failed transfer.

The 40-year-old saw a change in the French organization Le Havre in 2015 after leaving the Brazilian organization Atletico Paranaense last year.


Brazilian legend Adriano once spent 000 13,000 on 18 prostitutes to please himself.Credit: AP: The Associated Press
Adriano, pictured at an unrelated nightout with friends, was an icon of Inter Milan.


Adriano, pictured at an unrelated nightout with friends, was an icon of Inter Milan.

The 48-cape Brazilian international was offered a deal by League 2 at the Stade Oceane, in which Adriano agreed to the deal.

But the proposed switch fell at the last minute after Lee Howre’s takeover went wrong.

And according to the Brazilian publication Extra, the winner of the 2004 Copa Amrica consoled himself in the only way he knew – by going to a room.

He says Adriano flew back to Rio de Janeiro from France, where he poured 13 13,000 on 18 sex workers.

He took the group of women to a private party at Motel Vip’s where he spent another, 8,600 early in the morning.

The four-time Serie A winner is notorious for his off-the-pitch moves.

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Parma’s fan favorite was cleared in 2014 after being charged four years ago with drug trafficking.

Last year, the Burley Striker sold his mansion and all his belongings سو except for his medals اور and moved to a luxury hotel at a cost of £ 10,000 a month.

And just last month, Adriano refused a breath test after being caught driving without a license.

Refusal to take a breath test, which is considered a serious violation under Brazilian law, carries a fine of about £ 500 and a 12-month driving ban, local reports say.

A police spokesman said: “Former Flamingo player Adriano Letti Ribeiro was stopped at Avenida Lucio Costa Avenue in Barra da Tejuca on Sunday morning and refused to take a breath test.

“While he was carrying the documents, the police found out that his driver’s license had been suspended.

“Adriano’s car was stopped and he was released only after a motorcycle arrived that allowed him to drive.”

The former Corinthians center forward retired in 2016 after a brief stint at Miami United, where he scored once in his only match.

Adriano moved to a luxury hotel last year.


Adriano moved to a luxury hotel last year.Credit: Instagram @adrianoimperador

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