May 27, 2022

Adam Barlow’s threatening campaign continues on Coronation Street.

In the upcoming scenes of ITV soap, the lawyer is trolled online.


Adam is the target of a threatening campaign.

Adams (played by Sam Robertson) The mysterious enemy is still very active.

On recent trips to Weatherfield, Adam has seen his car smashed and was even placed at gunpoint in his office with Imran Habib (Charlie de Mello).

His wife, Sarah (Tina O’Brien), was also targeted.

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The hunter is now turning to the World Wide Web to terrorize Adam.

His professional reputation is also at stake.

In scenes aired on ITV next week, Imran is upset and shows Adam a series of online reviews.

Adam is frightened when he sees that none of them are particularly positive because the reviews are presenting him as a lawyer.

Viewers on Coronation Street will automatically suggest that Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan) could possibly be responsible for such trolling.

It was recently revealed that Adam was being harassed by his ex-girlfriend from the university.

Lydia is working on a pitcher between her and Sarah and is slowly but surely accelerating her plan.

More on Coronation Street

Spoilers has confirmed that she will confess her relationship with Adam and Sarah after leaving him several brief hints during her time as a colleague in the Underworld factory.

He first tried his luck in love with Daniel Osborne – Adam’s uncle, played by Rob Maillard – on his arrival, but the teacher turned him down in favor of Daisy Midgeley.

It has provoked viewers to theorize about the dark twists and turns for Rovers Barmaid.

But, for now, Lydia seems to be focused on ruining Adam and Sarah’s marriage.

However, another suspect, possibly trying to ruin Adam’s career, is none other than Jeremy Bremanner.

The latter was first in Adam’s mind as a criminal when the campaign of intimidation began.

However, when confronted by the lawyer, Jeremy only admitted that he had locked his car key and left her alone shortly thereafter.

Could he have decided to make Adam more upset?

Or is there still an unfinished business with Adam after Lydia was terrorized for the first time?

All that and much more on Coronation Street.

Is Lydia trying to ruin Adam's career?


Is Lydia trying to ruin Adam’s career?Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk
She is already making drama in his marriage.


She is already making drama in his marriage.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

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