August 10, 2022
Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden should not stop cultural wars with the Left while he is awake (Photo: Leon Neil / Getty Images)

Since the speech, there has been a furious line on Twitter about Vocary and the cultural wars so it has served its purpose as many leftists, Snowflakes, Liberals are proud to announce their status as a hashtag. , Free money for right.

My problem with the speech is that it must have had some cuts three years ago when you could argue that Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was standing with an angry army that really took to social media and airwaves. Dominated, the people did not like what they did. Saw. For many, this is what they associate with the word “wake”.

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Its origins lie in the black civil rights movement, but the word came to life when Corbynism was at its height. It came to represent something that was bullying, unforgivable, hacking and deeply unpopular, and Labor suffered a setback in the 2019 general election.

Bridget and Boris were factors, but the Corbin project played a significant role. That was more than two years ago. The Conservatives won. He hit the left with a pulp. Corbyn had a whip that was suspended by Carestarmer, who kept the party as far away from his predecessors as possible. You can blame Starmer for a lot of things, waking up is not one of them.

If we look at who is in power in the near future, they are the Conservatives. In a socially conservative country, it is unlikely that the hard-left or the awakened will return to power.

So, who are the Conservatives fighting? It feels like a fight with young people who are easy targets. They have a really bad time and they are terrible with their thoughts.

With the exception of William Hague and Jacob Reese Mogg, most politically active young people start with left-wing and outside ideas that intimidate their parents. There’s a lot going on in this (I’m at the end of it) but given their plight, that’s what all young people have right now.

What about trans queues? Yes, this is a poisonous debate, but it has happened because politicians are cowardly enough to lead a reasonable debate, which has filled a terrible void on social media.

What about race? You cannot deny the fact of racial inequality. What about trying to truly equate education and opportunities, instead of trying to stop Black Lives Matter classroom discussions?

The government is responding to the Seoul report, which sought to deny that there was structural racism. I would like to hope that this could be an opportunity for some real progress, but I am afraid that we will get the same old reheat culture war hash.

It is not bravery for politicians to provoke cultural wars. This is the easiest, slowest trick in the book. Bravery will be to try to bring people together, to find sensible, rational, balanced and compassionate solutions to the problems that are raging on social media.

Ayesha Hazarika was the first Labor Advisor to Harriet Herman and Ed Miliband.

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