August 10, 2022

This cute baby waves to the camera because his mother has a big protective claw around him.

For the first time, an adult polar bear brought its two-three-month-old cubs out of its den into the sun.


This little kid says hello to the camera.[/caption]


The baby polar bear and his mother share a beautiful kiss.[/caption]

Lisa Adler, 60, who took a series of captivating photos in Manitoba, Canada, said: “They show a strong bond between children and their mothers.

“They are curious, cheerful and loving – despite living in a big, cold world.”


Lisa Adler took a series of beautiful photos in Manitoba, Canada[/caption]




This baby is tapping his mother’s snout with play.[/caption]


Babies sleep with their mother for many hours, but the mother has to check regularly for any predators.[/caption]

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