May 27, 2022

A Dancing On Ice Star is left with a red face after asking a fellow contestant – and being rejected.

The embarrassing incident is said to have created a cool atmosphere behind the stage and the owners were disappointed as they were hoping for romance in the series.


A Dancing on Ice Star asked a fellow contestant – but he refused.Credit: ITV
Liberty Pool is one of the only stars in the series.


Liberty Pool is one of the only stars in the series.Credit: Instagram

A source said Daily Star“It’s weird when everyone is together and they have to look at each other.”

“It happened very quickly in the race. This guy liked a fellow star, but when he invited her on a date he got an echo – no!

“It’s a shame. They were both single, so there’s nothing wrong with asking.

The pair’s identities are still unknown, but there are a number of single stars participating in the series, including Liberty Pool, Reagan Gascoigne and Connor Ball.

It is possible that Holly Wolubi was upset with Asnab because she was hoping to fall in love with the series.

He said: “I really want this series to be a romance on Dancing on Ice. I’ve always wanted that to be the case. Wouldn’t that be great?”

The news comes after The Sun revealed that Olympic BMXer Kye Whyte is said to have fallen for Morgan Swales, one of the show’s new batch of pro dancers.

But the Sheffield girl already has a boyfriend at home – ice hockey player Cole Shudra.

A source close to the show said: “Kai is very funny behind the stage and likes to flirt with all the women.

“But the poor boy’s eyes are fixed on a girl he doesn’t have.

“Morgan is beautiful so you can’t blame her for trying. But when she posted a lovely Instagram message to Cole on Valentine’s Day, it was clear she wasn’t interested in Kai’s efforts.

“Although that doesn’t stop him from teasing. He’s funny.”

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, including Kevin Kliben, who is engaged to Brian Delcourt.

Former England goalkeeper David Seaman, 56, and his partner Frankie Poltney, 47, whom he met in 2008 on the Dancing on Ice Live Tour, were married in 2015.

39-year-old Pro Sullivan Longchembone fell for 36-year-old holox beauty Jennifer Metcalfe in the 2012 series – before the French hunk Thrown For her 2013 Dancing on Ice Partner, Corey’s favorite is Samia Ghadi, 37.

Kai is also single and looking for romance.


Kai is also single and looking for romance.
Kai is said to have been killed along with Morgan Sowells.


Kai is said to have been killed along with Morgan Sowells.

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