August 7, 2022
Downing Street staff will be allowed to read evidence gathered about them by government employee So Gray.

The Metropolitan Police, in its Inquiry into Operation Hillman, sent out a questionnaire to about 50 people, examining whether Wood’s restrictions on Downing Street and Whitehall had been broken.

It has now emerged that staff will be able to find out about themselves before speaking, but not about anyone else.

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ITV News reported that Ms Gray had given staff, including the Prime Minister, limited access to notes taken about her during her internal inquiry.

In a letter dated February 17, Ms. Gray wrote: “I appreciate that this is a disturbing time for those affected by the process, which I do not wish to compound.

“In light of the specific circumstances surrounding this set of events, I have decided, as an extraordinary measure, that individuals may be given limited access to notes.”

ITV said staff were told they could view the notice in a “time-limited” session, in person, “with a member of the investigation team.”

Last month, he sent evidence to the Metropolitan Police, including about 300 photographs, which led to a separate investigation by the force.

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Under police suspicion, they have been given police questionnaires compiled by officers who can issue fines for violating any rules.

Allegedly, they will not be allowed to bring any legal representative, phone, tablet, computer or any other recording equipment.

The letter also states that individuals will not be allowed to “challenge, suggest change or modification of notes or otherwise challenge their content”.

He reportedly said: “People should focus on completing the police questionnaire within the given timeline.

“It is not necessary to have access to the notes of previous interviews in order to do so, nor is it a standard procedure in internal investigations such as sharing or agreeing with such notes with the interviewers.”

Mr Johnson is still fighting for his political life and has hired a personal lawyer to draft an answer to his questionnaire.

The Prime Minister attended the ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ party at No. 10 Garden in May 2020 and did not refuse to attend the ‘ABBA Party’ in his flat in November 2020.

The cabinet office declined to comment.

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