May 28, 2022

The figures are highlighted as volunteers reflect on how successful the initiative has been since its launch in June last year.

Community Fridge, supported by the council and Carrefourgus Vineyard, receives donations from suppliers Tesco, M&S and Henderson.

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Volunteers collect deliveries from suppliers, store refrigerators, ensure area cleanliness and hygiene, and open and close refrigerators.

Community Fridge volunteers John Mitchell, Carly Ogluvy, Sharon Austin, Frances McElhton, William Armstrong and Alex Austin.

Appreciating the team for their dedication, Midwest Antrim Mayor Councilor William McCaggy said: “Based on voluntary calculations, the expected environmental benefits over a six-month period in Eden Community Fridge (July 2021 to January 2022). Includes: 48,488 kg (less than 48.5 tons only) food was saved from landfill, 115,456 food was redistributed and 155,168 kg (more than just 155 tons) CO2 was saved from the atmosphere.

“I am delighted to be part of the official launch of the refrigerator and I am even more pleased to see how well the community refrigerator is doing. These environmental achievements are very impressive I would like to thank the Coveid 19 Food Partnership Fund for making this project possible. “

Volunteer Carly Ogluvy said: “To put it in perspective, 48 tons is the weight of 56 Fiat 500 cars, or the weight of 12 Asian elephants. Helping save Phil.

“The main purpose of refrigerators has always been to reduce waste and to have a positive impact on the environment, but at the same time we have received a lot of positive feedback from members of the public regarding the use of refrigerators.

“We have people to bring care packages to the neighbors, people to come up with ideas for synthesis, to enjoy the social element and to meet new people, as well as to use the refrigerator for extra supplies in times of shortage. People have received reports.

“Volunteers really feel like we’re doing something for people and the planet through this initiative.”

By spring, a total of four community refrigeration projects are expected to be completed throughout Central and East Antrim.

Cllr McCaughey added: “I would like to remind refrigerator users that refrigerators are managed through the goodwill of community volunteers, thus, opening hours depend on volunteer availability and supplier donations. And I will reiterate that the main purpose of the refrigerator is to redistribute food to avoid wastage. Community refrigerators differ from the important role of food banks, they are not experimental, and each to use. Open to one.

With the opening of the Island Maggie Community refrigerator just before Christmas, and with two more refrigerators opening its doors this spring, I look forward to further success in following it. “

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