May 20, 2022

During a dramatic showdown this week, Meena Jatla shot dead Leela Kavanagh in a hospital.

However, Emerald’s last night’s trip surprised viewers as they saw the full face of her make-up.


Leila was shot by serial killer Mina.
She was lying comfortably in her hospital bed after the surgery.


She was lying comfortably in her hospital bed after the surgery.Credit: ITV

This week, and like any other villager invited to Dawn and Billy’s wedding, Leila (played by actress Rakshi Shahidi) was thrilled to see the Valentine’s Day loving couple tie the knot.

But as expected, Meena Jatla (Page Sindhu) returned to Dallas to settle some unfinished business with the couple and plotted to avenge her murder.

While Dawn and Billy had no choice but to follow the serial killer, Leila finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she goes on a long journey to Mina, the bride and groom, in a game of sick killing. Was taken for

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Despite the couple’s pleading, Mina pointed to Laila’s car, her gun in her hand, and shot her.

The wedding planner was killed and taken to hospital, while Mina fought with Laila’s husband Liam at the spot where he had killed GP’s daughter Lena months earlier.

Leila needed immediate medical attention but she was alive and well in the hospital during last night’s installments of ITV soap, while her son Jacob Gallagher (Joe Warren Plant) waited to hear the news. China was sitting.

Yet as Liam and Manpreet Sharma were questioned by police after Mina’s terror era, Emerald’s fans were stunned when they spotted a relaxed Leila in her hospital bed with flawless make-up. I saw him lying down.

Many viewers took to Twitter to comment on her shiny appearance, despite her disturbing surgery and condition.

One social media user wrote, “Loving Leila’s flawless make-up and script, even after being shot and operated on.”

Another added: “Leila always looks dewy and beautiful even when she has just been shot.”

The third wrote: “Leila has just undergone life-saving surgery and still looks great.”

“Bloody hell, Leila looks good because she came out of surgery after being shot,” a fourth observer wrote.

While Leila’s make-up was unanimously praised, despite being questioned, some viewers had a more unpopular view of Mina’s fate.

Mina was pushed back from the moment she pushed Liana back in July 2021.

In a fit of rage, Liam lost his temper and attacked the killer during a heated confrontation – and as he looked to save Leila, unaware that she would be shot.

Liam initially claimed that he pushed the nurse to his death in his defense, but she escaped falling and managed to contradict his version of events.

The GP was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

But in the final scenes, police are seen returning to Mina’s bed at the hospital, and she is told that Liam will not be charged because it is against her and Manpreet.

“On the other hand, you have a lot to explain,” he was told.

Is this the beginning of the end of the cold-blooded serial killer?

Emerald airs on ITV on Saturday nights at 7pm, with an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

Her flawless make-up distracted fans.


Her flawless make-up distracted fans.Credit: ITV

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