May 24, 2022

Ever since his father became a football legend in the Italy 90 World Cup, his family has hardly been out of the public eye.

But when Reagan Gascoigne joined the ice dance, he was still a relative unknown.


Regan Gascoigne says his family is crazy and will leave his girlfriends.Credit: Rex
Reagan says he and his father, Paul Gascoigne, live in the present and not in the past


Reagan says he and his father, Paul Gascoigne, live in the present and not in the pastCredit: © Zoë Savitz

That has all changed since the dancer son of England hero Paul Gasquen stunned the audience with his thrilling moves. Now he is the favorite to win the ITV show.

She has also won the beautiful 26-year-old an army of new fans who are bombarding her with X-rated messages and photos – but so far, no marriage proposal.

Reagan said: “No, not yet, anyway. I don’t know why anyone would like me. They will meet me and see how crazy we are as a family.

“I think they’ll be like, ‘Absolutely not!’ I can’t really say what they’re saying in the messages, it’s a shame. But I’m laughing at them.

“These are more ugly pictures than anything and I don’t know what to say in response. It was all a bit overwhelming.”

Being a Gascoigne naturally means he is familiar with the media’s light on his father Gaza and sister Bianca, 35, a model and TV regular.

Reagan, on the other hand, chose to keep a low profile – even though he now seems to have demonstrated his amazing skating skills by dancing on ice.

He said: “It’s really funny, I’ve made a lot of comments like, ‘Obviously, your footwork has been removed.’ But our fields are very different and I guess now Everyone has seen that I can actually dance.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

“Dancing on Ice is a show I’ve been watching for ages and always wanted to do. If I ever had the chance to appear on a TV show, it was what I dreamed of.

He added: “I’ve always kept to myself and done what I’ve done – like dancing.

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“I never wanted to use my father’s success to achieve my goal, if it made sense. I always wanted to work hard to get there.

“But now I’m just like, ‘Actually, I should have applauded the fact that my dad is so successful and I get this opportunity because of his success.’ I’m just grateful for the fact that He is my father

Nevertheless, their relationship has been affected by the 54-year-old Gaza drug, alcohol and gambling addiction, as well as mental illness for most of his adult life, as well as financial problems and eating disorders.

He also separated from Reagan’s mother Sheryl in 1999, just three years after their marriage, which separated the family unit when they adopted their children from a previous relationship, Mason and Bianca.

But Reagan now has a philosophical view of his father, who participated in the Italian version of I’m A Celebrity last year. . . get me out of here!

And with sister Bianca, who participated in the Italian version of Strictly Come Dancing last year, Paul is among the DOI audience supporting his son.

“I know a lot has happened in the past, but it’s done, there’s no point in thinking about it,” Reagan said.

“Dad and I are the same now that we live in the moment, focus on what is in front of us, what has happened in the past.

“What’s the point? It doesn’t help anyone. I think it just clicked between us because I grew up because I felt we were very similar. Growing up, I was a little bit. Was terrified, but now we really have a special relationship.

“We are different people than we were then. I grew up, I see things differently. Dads are different too. We are in a good place.”

‘I wish there was no competition’

Now Reagan says he’s focused entirely on Dancing on Ice, which last week saw him share a top spot on the leadership board with Pussycat Doll rival Kimberly White.

He was just 20 points ahead of former Strictly Pro dancer Brendan Cole, and Reagan joked: “Maybe I should start wrapping Brendan – I can tease him a little bit.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“I’m just obsessed with it. It’s not that I’m not like, ‘I want to win at all costs’, like I’m going to trip someone.”

“Some people put a stamp on someone to get there, but it’s not me. In fact, I wish there was no competition.

However, he admits to feeling a little jealous after seeing Kimberly’s incredible division during the competition. “I also want to be flexible. I’m very, very proud,” he said.

Aside from the pressure to perform weekly, Reagan differs from most celebrities on the rink in that this is his first major TV experience – and because of this he is under a lot of stress.

He said: “I couldn’t sleep at all last week. I was starting early, getting up at five or six, but I was trying to go to bed at nine.

“I still can’t sleep. I’ve been lying there all my life, until about one o’clock in the morning, passing through my head as usual.

“And obviously I haven’t done TV before. So I was thinking, ‘What would Holly Wolby and Philip Schofield ask me?’

Perfectionist Reagan often beats himself up for mistakes on the rink. Her most recent routine – as a lizard – had two trembling moments.

Now he is hoping to overcome the disappointment as he and dance partner Kareena Manta have moved to Musical Week, an area where he has some expertise as a stage performer.

He said: “I was killed last weekend. I really liked the routine and I wanted to fix it. It just bothers you more because you want to do a better job. Not only that. For myself but also for Kareena.

“I’m struggling a little bit. This is the first time I’ve ever felt bad about myself. I’ve seen it with gritted teeth, but I had to make fun of it for not being able to control it because it Broke my heart a little bit.

“I literally cried after the weekend, I didn’t expect that. I was ready to be in this skate-off. So I’m just trying to enjoy this week.”

  • Dancing on Ice is on ITV tomorrow at 6pm.
Reagan says his dancing skills can't be compared to his father's football ability


Reagan says his dancing skills can’t be compared to his father’s football abilityCredit: Rex
Reagan photographed with Paul and Sheryl in 2008


Reagan photographed with Paul and Sheryl in 2008Credit: Exposure
Reagan, 2, is enjoying a vacation in Florida with his father.


Reagan, 2, is enjoying a vacation in Florida with his father.Credit: Charlie Worley
England star Gaza celebrated Reagan's birth in 1996


England star Gaza celebrated Reagan’s birth in 1996Credit: Newsgroup Newspapers Limited

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