August 10, 2022

John Hartson called Greg Taylor and called his defense ‘weak’ for Bodo / Gilmot’s second goal.

The Norwegian champions won the Europa Conference League play-off round, beating Park Head 3-1.


Celtic Left Back Taylor

The visitors quickly advanced and took the field with a one-goal lead at halftime.

But that lead was doubled in the second half when Amal Pellegrino had all the rooms in the world close to home.

It was a sucking punch that Celtic didn’t need to start shining after the break.

Greg Taylor had a disappointing night on the left back and Hopes legend Hartson slapped the defender for his part in the second goal.

He let Ola Solbakken in easily enough to put the ball in a plate for Pellegrino.

Analyzing the game for BT Sport, he said: “O’Riley works great to come back, he works back and Celtic is again in 2v1 defensively.

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“But Greg Taylor had to show it down!

“He came in so easily, he came in so easily.

“It’s much weaker than Taylor. How easy is that?”

“Just show him the bottom line, his body angle is wrong for the start.

“He cuts in again and it’s very easy.

“Pellegrino is in the back post and Juranovic switches off.

“And Juranok tries to play offside when he’s three yards in front of him.”

Cotec’s hopes for the Europa Conference League are still alive, despite the shock of Bodo / Gilmt, Ang Posticoglu insists.

Celtic boss Postikoglu believes his team could end Bodo’s lead next week.

He said: “It’s not over, it’s half the time.

“I don’t think anyone would think that we were going to play there for only 90 minutes.

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“It was a frustrating night for many reasons, but it’s part of football.

“We will wash ourselves and then we will go.

“It’s still an opportunity. From our point of view, it’s about going there and playing our football.

“Once we’ve done that, we’re a tough team to beat.

“It’s half time, we’re down 3-1 and we’ll see what happens.”

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