May 27, 2022

After a disappointing defeat at Celtic Park, Celtic have to do all this next week if they want to advance to the Europa Conference League.

Norwegian champions Bodo / Glimt were knocked out 3-1 at night after an impressive display.


Bodo / Glimt celebrates the lead.
Hoops Boss Postecoglou


Hoops Boss Postecoglou

The result is coming from those who have not played competitively since closing their league in December.

And that ends Hopes’ unbeaten run of 17 games.

The result should not have come as a surprise given the huge 6-1 victory over Roma earlier in the match.

It was definitely an off-night for the Celtics who were stunned by their opponents’ offer.

The home side got off to a great start in the opening minutes and forced a corner kick early on.

But he was hit by an early sucking punch in seven minutes.

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Some clean play on the edge of the hoops box allowed a throw ball to Ronner Espjord who poked ahead of Hart for the opener.

The crowd felt a little nervous but the visitors did not take advantage of the two opening opportunities.

Celtic responded well and thought they might have been awarded a penalty in the first half.

Matt O’Reilly’s delivery from the left kick was headed by Cameron Carter Vickers, who beat Bodo / Glimt Keeper on the ball before being clean out.

He must have forced the referee to decide before the lineman raised his flag for the off side.

Espejord Home plant at six minutes


Espejord Home plant at six minutes

Postecoglou chose not to make changes at halftime and Celtic made a great start again.

Daisy Maida sent the ball back with a ball from the top and hit the keeper before returning from the edge of the box, which bounced back from the stop.

Jota then worked to the left at one point, walking on the field before igniting well from the range.

But the second goal knocked the Celtic Cell out of any air at this stage of the game.

Ola Solbakken – rightly proud to hold his face when the ball hit his chin – easily defeated Greg Taylor on the right.

He went to the area and found Sspjord, who tried to fly to the goal, but fell at the feet of Amal Pellegrino, who had all over the world to take him home.

Posticoglu then tossed Rev. Hetit and Georgos Giacomax for Tom Rojak and Lille Abada as they sought to return to the game.

Maida restored hope with a sky-high goal.


Maida restored hope with a sky-high goal.
Norwegians celebrate.


Norwegians celebrate.

He made a number of crosses, which he defended with ease.

Jota then forced the keeper to the flying save with a shot from the angle.

But with just over ten minutes it was fine and the game was really on.

A cross on the right looking for a high-speed mida that leans nicely against a flared header in the bottom corner.

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She died in Celtic Park – but a few moments later silence fell.

Hugo Whitelson chooses to take another pope with room loads 25 yards from the goal, which takes a wicked deflection that clings to the heart that had no chance.

Jotta – Overall a poor night – Giacomakis had a chance to play clean but the keeper did.

And in the dying seconds, Forrest could not change from close range.

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