May 23, 2022

Here in the UK, we have a special club for millionaires – special because it can only be attended by people who are members of the royal family.

The benefits are generous and unique. Special tax breaks, faster handouts than public wallets, and the ability to keep your wishes secret, so no one knows how much you’ve saved.


Here in the UK, we have a special club for millionaires like Prince Andrew.
Prince Andrew's multi-million pound Royal Lodge residence


Prince Andrew’s multi-million pound Royal Lodge residence

No senior royalty – with one exception – is worth less than £ 20 million.

So where did all this money come from? They have not won it on horses or in the lottery.

And they certainly haven’t worked for it.

First, there is the sovereign grant, the annual payment to the Queen by the government. It increased from £ 7.9 million in 2011 to £ 85.9 million last year.

And that doesn’t include an estimated £ 200 million in security costs, often to “protect” ordinary members of the royal family you may never have heard of.

One of the reasons for the dramatic increase was the disastrous decision of then-Chancellor George Osborne to give the queen 25% of the proceeds from the Crown Estates, which, despite its name, has been in the public hands since 1760.

The company owns a quarter of a million acres of land, lots of scattered property and, most importantly, river and sea beds.

The sea beds alone are giving the Queen hundreds of millions of bumper windfalls from the construction of wind farms – money that should go into the public purse.

Why are we handing over millions of rupees to the possibly richest family in the UK when people at the top and bottom of the country are struggling to line up at high energy bills and food banks?

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

And compare the funds for our royal family with other European kingdoms: Britain £ 86 million, Belgium £ 12 million, Denmark £ 10 million and Sweden £ 6 million.

Second are the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall. These are the ancient royal lands of the 14th century.

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The only reason they were not handed over to the public with the Crown Estates in 1760 was because they were basically useless at the time.

The Duchy of Lancaster was worth only .9 16.92 in 1760. Now they are worth millions.

The Duchy of Lancaster owns the Savoy Estate, which covers most of central London – when the Duchy was founded in 1399, it is a very valuable real estate today.

The Duchy of Cornwall, which pays Prince Charles 20 20 million a year, is 1337 and calls himself a private estate, except for paying taxes, when he calls himself public.

Unlike any other state, it pays no corporation tax. This Dutchman also owns vast properties across the country.

It also includes the Oval Cricket Ground in London. Additional cover for taxpayers six for Prince Charles.

But as mentioned, there is now an exception in the very rich club: Andrew, the Grand Old Duke of Slaz.

As revealed in The Sun yesterday, Andrew seems to be shutting down his greatness to help keep himself and Fergie alive.

But we need full assurance that it will not involve public money.

If the Queen uses the money from the Duchy of Lancaster – as it seems – she can cover it as tax-exempt business expenses.

That would mean lower taxes and more public subsidies for Andrew’s Schengen.

This cannot be allowed to happen. The people will feel rebellious about this idea.

We need a clear statement that any money handed over to the Queen will have no direct or indirect effect on the public purse.

Going forward, the sad fact for Andrew is that he has to start living within his means. But then again, Prince Pariah will not receive many invitations.

Andrew seems to be shutting down Her Majesty to help keep himself and Fergie alive.


Andrew seems to be shutting down Her Majesty to help keep himself and Fergie alive.

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