August 10, 2022

John Sweeney’s comments came as he chaired a Scottish Government Reliance meeting on Thursday night on the effects of the storm.

The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow warning to cover most of Scotland’s mainland with snow. It came into force this morning at 3 o’clock and is to be picked up on Friday at 6 o’clock in the evening.

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Travel is expected to be affected, and forecasters have warned that heavy snowfall could cause vehicles and passengers to get stuck on the road. They also expect delays or cancellations in rail and air travel.

Deputy First Minister John Sweeney said the plans to deal with the effects of Hurricane Younis in Scotland were “proportionate” and “extensive” (Photo by Fraser Bremenner Poole / Getty Images).

Speaking to the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland, Mr Sweeney said: “The conditions are clearly difficult because of the heavy snowfall throughout the night.

“This was predicted and our partners in Trunk Road operating companies and local authorities are conducting extensive grating operations during the night to ensure that this morning’s journey is sustainable on the road. Was

“Obviously there are some problems in different parts of the country but efforts are being made to resolve these issues very soon but of course the advice that was issued last night to make sure that People should check the situation before traveling. Given the amount of snow that is falling at the moment, in any case, follow today. “

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Asked if the steps taken on the networks were proportionate, Mr Sweeney said: “We have a lot of sophisticated information that is readily available to every member of the public.

“What we need to be aware of is that the warnings are relevant to the situation we are facing.

“An amber warning, for example, was that ScotRail had to cancel all services the other day and when you saw the damage to the network I thought it was a reasonable decision that ScotRail made because I did not train. I would like to. I was hit by the debris lying around. ”

Mr Sweeney said extensive preparations were being made and resources were available if there was a welfare situation.

The Deputy First Minister confirmed that the storm was moving in the direction that the Scottish Government’s moderators had predicted.

He said: “It has snowed in the country and there will be heavy snowfall for most of the day.

“In terms of preparations, obviously all the trunk road operating companies were activated and had their plans last night.

“Power companies are also prepared for the effects of the second part of the forecast, which was about strong winds if there is any damage to the power supply.”

Mr Sweeney said the “particular local concern” was in the south of Scotland, where wind power within the Irish Sea and coastal flooding in the southwest in the Dumfries and Galloway area in the Solvay Firth area were forecast.

“Obviously the coastal conditions in the southwest need to be very careful.” The Deputy First Minister said.

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