May 27, 2022

The purpose of BAND-AIDS is to help heal wounds, but when it comes time to remove them, they can cause almost as much pain for children.

Fortunately, a parental expert has come up with a number of ways to get rid of band-aids in children with zero pain.


An expert has shared his tips to get rid of band aids without any hassle.Credit: Getty
One of his suggestions is to freeze the band-adhesive.


One of his suggestions is to freeze the band-adhesive.Credit: Getty

Get rid of it with control.

Many parents tell their children that the sooner the band-aid stops, the sooner the pain of removing it will go away.

While this is true, there is nothing wrong with trying to make the removal process as simple as possible.

So, Stephanie Brown, a writer for parents Very well family With experience in various childcare programs, it is advisable to create a small tab with band-aid before closing it.

It simply involves lifting the band-aid tip and then removing it from the skin.

“To reduce your child’s anxiety, ask your child to take a deep breath and then tell them that you are about to take off the bandage on the count of three,” he wrote.

Use water or ice.

Stephanie said soaking in water weakens the adhesive on the band aids, so it’s best to take it off after a shower or bath.

This is what happens when the adhesive freezes, so he suggests holding the bag or wrapped ice on the band-aid before removing it.

Rub it

While Web MD Advising against rubbing alcohol to clean the wound, Stephanie said it is a great way to help loosen bandages.

“Rubbing alcohol on the bandage will slowly dissolve the adhesive,” he explained.

“After removing the bandage, rinse the area so that the alcohol does not dry out the skin.”

Use baby oil on your baby.

If you have baby oil in your hand, Stephanie said it is another useful tool to loosen bandages quickly.

He said that all you have to do is soak a cotton ball or pad and then rub it on the band-aid until it falls off.

And if after removing the band-aid you see any residual adhesive on your child’s skin, the parent specialist says that baby oil, alcohol rubbing, and mild soap and water are effective in removing it.

Among other parental tips, tricks and advice, one mother said she allows her children to cry in public because it helps them in the long run.

In addition, another parent revealed the activities they give their older child to keep busy when he just needs to focus on his little one.

Baby oil can help loosen the band-aid and remove any excess adhesive.


Baby oil can help loosen the band-aid and remove any excess adhesive.Credit: AFP
According to Stephanie, getting rid of band-aids should not be painful.


According to Stephanie, getting rid of band-aids should not be painful.Credit: Getty

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