May 28, 2022

A BLOKE explained that he and his wife had exchanged some beautiful names for their daughter, but his partner changed his mind and wanted his daughter to be considered gender neutral.

The wife, 27, wanted to make sure the child could change his gender when he grew up, if he chose to.


The man explained that his wife did not want to use a girl’s name for her new daughterCredit: Getty

But the 27-year-old was disappointed not to be able to use one of the girl’s names, which he liked very much.

Are taking Reddit“My wife and I are expecting a baby girl by June,” he said.

“We both agreed that we only want to know the sex of the baby out of curiosity because he is our first child.

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“We have been together for eight years and have been married twice.

“We’ve talked to the baby before and we’ve discussed how much we intend to keep, where, how much distance we want to keep in terms of age and so on; until we know the sex. The name was not a problem until then. “

The man explained that he had in mind the name of a girl he thought would be great for his child, but his wife was not interested.

He said: “I like the name Juliet for a girl but my wife says she does not want the name of a traditional girl or boy. Wants a biased name

“I agree that there are some pretty gender neutral names like Riley, for example, but even the name she says has become more representative of women.

“I mentioned that most people who move change their name that they recognize, even if we give them a gender neutral name they can change it.

“I also said that some people have changed their names just because my grandmother is one of them and I used her as an example but she will not bow down.

The wife threatened not to give me any choice and told the nurses and doctors in advance not to ask for the baby’s information for the birth certificate.

“I think it’s ridiculous and no name should be taken away from my daughter.”

She added: “Apart from Juliet, the names that came to my mind were Orion, Violet, Scarlett and Dakota. . “

Fellow Reddit users rushed forward and expressed their views.

One man said: “Take this from a trans man, your wife is very upset at the thought.

“Your child can always change his name whenever he feels like it, so choosing a name to be gender neutral is not really that important.”

Another said: “It’s disturbing to me, your child is not here yet and he is already threatening to cut you off from an important part of the child’s life because you will not do what he wants. Wants. “

While a third said: “I actually know a trans man who once changed his name for gender reasons, and then when he converted to Islam.

“It’s ridiculous to try to predict any and every possibility. The best thing you can do is just help your child when he chooses for himself.”

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