May 23, 2022
Rebel Wilson has made headlines since settling in VivaMayr Altaussee in Austria (Photo: Instagram / Rebel Wilson / VivaMayr Altaussee)

Many headlines are dedicated. Rebel WilsonThe ‘Year of Health’ and many of them focused on two things – its five-and-a-half stone weight loss and check-in at VivaMayr Altaussee, Alpine Health Clinic in Austria, to begin its efforts. Even such a place Kate MossElizabeth Hurley and Jordan Dunn.

Wilson often talks about her health on social media, and develops her slim figure as part of her decision to improve the way she feels, and regularly honors the award-winning VivaMayr. Credits – which, confidently, are located along a picture-filled lake and claim to be charming. Mountain View – To provide him with tools to get there.

The star says she reached her target weight at the end of last year. “It’s about being healthy,” he added. “I needed a solid measure to keep it as a goal.”

I feel the pain. I am part of the 40% of Britons who have gained weight during a takeaway-testic epidemic. I never weigh myself, preferring to decide on the comfort of my clothes, which was snug.

And while the added inches were disappointing, it was exhausting with what I really wanted to solve.

Pneumonia escalated in January and I couldn’t be more excited about visiting the place where Wilson credits her recovery to try out her weight care program.

The one or two week long retreat bill is taken to help you ‘feel light and free’, and a personal claim is made for each guest (this is one of the many new wellness facilities at the Luxury Center). Part of the program – another popular post-code specific project aimed at helping people with long-term health problems.

The first day and my first meeting with Dr. Maximilian Schubert. Instead of focusing on her actual weight in numbers, Schubert gently (and kindly) understands why my energy is so low, why I’m coughing so much, and why my sleep patterns are so tangled. ۔

“Eating a well-balanced diet and paying attention to these things will naturally bring my body into balance, after which it will start burning fat,” he says. I ask, should I set a round weight?

VivaMayr Altaussee VivaMayr Weight Care Program
Food at VivaMayr is to be eaten slowly, very slowly (Photo: Michael Koenig Schaefer)

“There is no weight or the right size for anyone,” comes the answer. “It’s a combination of factors and the important thing is that you fit into your life.”

I’m nervous and worried that I might struggle with the program. VivaMayr routines include getting up at 7 a.m., taking medications and supplements prescribed by the resident doctor, having a light breakfast (VivaMayr recommends 40 to 60 chewing in each mouth), and seeing a doctor for recommended treatment and check-ups. Is.

Lunch is eaten gently before attending a lecture on anything from walking or swimming or digestion to fascia work. Then, dinner is eaten slowly and it is time to go to bed at 9.30 pm.

VivaMayr Altaussee VivaMayr Weight Care Program
The wonderful atmosphere in VivaMayr Altaussee is part of the appeal (Photo: VivaMayr Altaussee)

The rooms are pleasant (think of bright green sofas with elaborate details) for you to take a shower early in the night, with herbal tea and water supply (while there you are only allowed a drink), and for the lounge. Enough space Your energy is low in the first few days. Schubert initially issues a warning.

“It’s not just what we do here at the clinic that matters,” he says (he’s my new wise and intelligent friend). “You have to walk around the lake, relax and above all listen to your body. And it counts at home. ‘

There is no strict diet (I do not feel hungry, eat lots of vegetables and cold pressed oils on a daily basis) but the goal is to help my body grow normally and find its way through the relationship with nature. Be allowed to

Over the course of a week, I switch from treatment to treatment, all of which focus on three things – strengthening my lungs, developing my body and cells, and incorporating me into a better routine.

At first, I feel tired and sleep a little during the day but as time goes on, and as the treatment begins, my energy increases and I look forward to walking around the lake.

I have a cocktail of nutrients supplied by IV drip (I feel better immediately – it’s like drinking water well after being thirsty) and something called ‘blood cupping’ (Everything sounds awful, yet it feels incredible. It relieves the tension around my ribs from coughing).

Because I am scared, I look forward to the last day before the advent of ‘high dose ozone therapy’ (half a liter of blood comes out, which is mixed with oxygen and nutrients by machine, before putting it back). The nurse has to cover the kit to relieve my anxiety.

I also have ‘hypoxia training’ (high oxygen levels are replaced with low ones to keep the lungs working) and sit in a selenium booth to breathe mineral air. it’s fine. All is well, Schubert;

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Checking oxygen levels can be scary.

After seven days, my mind clears up and my energy level rises (maybe fear does). In the weeks since I got home, my jeans have come loose, my cheekbones are clearer.

Because of this and new information about the best way to exercise and eat, I now take the time to give my body a nutritious diet, slowly, at appropriate times of the day and on my own. No more feeding with chocolate bars. .

In the words of Rebel Wilson: ‘An Austrian doctor said, “Rebels, the best way for you to lose unwanted body fat is to just walk. Walking. Sometimes, the simplest thing is the best thing for your body, and your body will respond. “

I couldn’t agree more.

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It sounds obvious but do you? I need to remind myself. The mouth is the first place to break down food, which makes the process of digestion easier. It also triggers digestive enzymes and helps give your body time to absorb relief.

Don’t eat late and make it your lightest meal

At Vivamayr, dinner is between 5.30pm and 7pm so that your body can digest what you have eaten. This means less indigestion and more time for your body to process food before going to bed.


Moving through the day is key to relieving stress, helping with the digestive process and making sure we are happily tired for a good night’s sleep. My personal goal is 10,000 steps twice a week with a combination of yoga and weight-based exercise.

Take a deep breath

This is helpful if you are suffering from anxiety or if, like me, you are at risk of respiratory diseases. Inhale into your stomach, fill it completely, then fill to the collarbone. Slow release. I do this for three minutes before breakfast.

A week at VivaMayr Altaussee starts at £ 2,600..

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