May 27, 2022

Mr Fox was working as a bricklayer in Bali’s Bali Beast State when he was shot dead on September 24, 1992.

The Ulster Defense Association’s core name, Ulster Freedom Fighters, has been blamed for the killings.

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Her daughter, Paula Fox Laurie, has launched a legal bid to find out if security forces were ordered to leave the area before her father was killed.

Leonard Fox, from Lurgan, Co Armagh, was 40 years old when he was shot dead by UFF gunmen in Bali’s Bali Ben State in 1992.

A petition for judicial review was filed in the Belfast High Court on Monday (February 7, 2022). Paula’s lawyer, Kevin Winters, explained: “This was a request to challenge the decision of the police, which refused to release details on whether there was a document, which is said to be out of bounds.” Just before the murder for any period. Paula’s daddy. “

Paula was only 18 when her father was shot. Her brother, also known as Leonard, was 19 years old and was working with his father that day.

It happened around 11.10 this morning. “He had just finished his morning break. My brother and my father’s nephew, Leonard, who was only 17, were there as apprentices,” Paula said.

He explained that Joe and Leonard Jr. went to the roof of the house with Congo as they were installing a new heating system. Her father was working on a fireplace in the property when two gunmen arrived and shot him.

Lurgan bricklayer Leonard Fox with his daughter Paula Fox Lavery on her 18th birthday – shortly before Mr Fox was shot dead by UFF gunmen in Belfast.

Paula said Leonard tried to resurrect her but she was dead. “Investigations revealed that the first bullet hit him. He was 40 years old.”

Leonard was the father of four children, Leonard 19, Paula, 18, Jonathan, age 2 and Robert, who was seven months old.

He revealed that his father had been met by the RUC, who said he had received a “warning” from the Midstar UVF in August, a few weeks before Mr Fox’s assassination.

Paula said he was on his way to work and was stopped by security forces wherever he went. “There were always checkpoints inside and outside Baliben State. He took a few weeks off work and returned to Baliben on Tuesday and was killed on Thursday. There were no outposts that day. Leonard stepped back. When he thinks back, he should have clicked that there were no checkpoints.

Children of Leonard Fox, 40, who was killed in Belfast in 1992. From left are Jonathan, Paula, Leonard (Jr.) and Robert.

“My father was a former IRA. He worked in Long Cash for 10 years from 1976 to 1986 on explosives charges. When he came out he had no affiliation with any organization and when he was in Long Cash IRA Had left and distanced himself from it. He was still not fit to die.

“He was just a family man who loved his children and loved life. He had just bought a house and needed to go to work and pay the mortgage.

Paula said she had been in the United States for four months and returned home in August 1992 but was planning to return in October, but her
father was killed.

“It was painful. I was so innocent and naive at the time. I wondered why these people would do that. Leonard got two consultation sessions. I didn’t get anything and I kept it with me because I bothered Leonard.” Didn’t want to and didn’t want to bother my grandmother. She never got over it. I made it and then when I had my kids I realized my dad should be here.

“When the NI Memorial Fund came out, I went to Belfast in 2010 to consult with her,” Paula said, adding that she was suffering from severe depression.

She said a psychotherapist diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “My father’s inquiry took place in February 1993. Obviously we participated in it and he moved the pictures around and I saw the pictures of my father’s body. It was just so painful but I did it. Tried to bury. It all started when I started counseling. A box of worms was opened and it all grew. I’ve been like that ever since. I just can’t lift my head and that’s Leonard.

“I just want a little bit of closure and truth. We don’t care about anyone going to jail. I just want them to say that, yes it was arranged and let us shut up and move on with our lives.”

Paula believes security forces provided details of her father, including his car registration, to loyal paramilitary forces.

He revealed that the Historical Inquiries team had contacted him and Leonard in 2009. He said they both “spoke” and had no confidence in his report.

“Look at the man who pulled the trigger instead of killing my father. I wouldn’t want him to know what happened to us. Celtic was.

Paula’s lawyer, Mr Winters, said security forces would be in the area at the time and that Mr Fox had been routinely stopped by security forces before his assassination and was aware of his movements.

“We are aware of other cases where out-of-bounds orders were present in thousands of cases and this was a routine inquiry to find out if anyone was present. We only wanted a yes or no. If It wasn’t, so that’s fine. But they (PSNI) refused to answer and somehow the refusal to answer raises the suspicion that it really was.

“It is not that we have no evidence that the police or the army were present in the area and then left 24 hours before the incident. We are not able to say that.

“Instead of just saying there was no out-of-bounds order, the police simply refused to respond, and that’s the refusal to respond that led to the trial.”

After a hearing that lasted more than two hours on Monday, the judge reserved his decision on whether to grant leave to challenge. Mr Winters says he expects a decision in March next year.

Mr Winters said: “The bereaved families who have lost loved ones in the conflict are relieved to see their case before the court and the murder case in open court. Has achieved a lot. I am satisfied to see that. “

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