May 26, 2022

This is the shocking moment when a church spire breaks and falls to the ground.

St. Thomas Church in Somerset, Wales, had endured 150 years of bad weather before it was destroyed by Hurricane Younes at 80 miles per hour.


Spire sank before falling to the ground.Credit: Matt Hudson
A neighbor captured the dramatic moment in which the window fell.


A neighbor captured the dramatic moment in which the window fell.Credit: Matt Hudson
This spire began to fall without any damage for 150 years


This spire began to fall without any damage for 150 yearsCredit: Matt Hudson
St. Thomas Church in Somerset, Wales


St. Thomas Church in Somerset, WalesCredit: Andrew Lloyd

The Grade II listed building was constructed in 1856 and now there are concerns over its structural stability.

Matt Hudson, 17, who filmed the footage, Told ITV News When he went to his back garden, he saw that the wind was suddenly turning violent.

“I was shocked – it was quite a real moment. I didn’t really expect it to fall – I was just filming,” he said.

Rev. Claire Towns, a pastor at the church, added: “I literally thought to myself that the church would recover, it’s been here since Victorian times – and then two, three minutes later I got a call from the police. The call came. “

The church said in a statement on Facebook: “Please do not come to church to see the fallen spire.

“We are awaiting the arrival of a structural surveyor because at the moment we cannot guarantee safety on the ground until we know it is safe.”

Thankfully, no one was injured by the falling spire.

The historic hurricane left a trail of destruction in just a few hours, with wind speeds of up to 122 mph recorded in Needles, the Isle of Wight.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

The Meteorological Department said it believed it was the strongest wind to ever recorded in England.

The winds have torn down power lines, blown up lorries, uprooted trees and made a huge hole in London’s O2.

Three people were taken to hospital after a tree fell on a car in Wiltshire – one seriously injured, while two others were injured when a balcony collapsed in London.

A driver is also feared to have been seriously injured in today’s crash in Alton, Hunts.

Britain’s rail industry today issued a “no travel” warning to passengers.

The Met Office has now reduced the red warning to amber in the Southwest, while the Red Warning for London and the Southeast remains in place.

Roads are closed across the UK and airports have canceled hundreds of flights amid chaos.

The worst-hit area – the Isle of Wight – recorded winds of 122 mph this morning – even more powerful than the Great Storm of 1987 when 18 people were killed.

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