August 8, 2022

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This is a loss of life for every front of house manager and is making a fuss in the world of theater. ۔

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Ironically, from Frozen’s Let It Go Too, Les Meiser’s Do You Hear the People ?, there’s always someone who thinks the show needs to take advantage of their creative input.

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show is an exception to this rule.

I blame Notice’s talent search shows like I do anything, I have a dream and how can you solve a problem like Maria? Oh, and stage production of Dirty Dancing. All of this changed the nature of the musical theater forever, which in a successful endeavor desperately needs a new audience.

All of a sudden, after spending weeks of their lives casting the show’s stars through their votes, the audience created a sense of ownership and rightly felt part of the whole experience.

Regardless, in my humble opinion it is never acceptable for you to impose your awkward warbling on others with two exceptions, a single long performance, which allows you to do so while opposing sectarian singing. Warn people to stay away, and Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror. Show that audience participation is practically obligatory. Singing honestly is one of the most important part of your job.

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Even before the softening of the theater etiquette, there were always weird people who couldn’t resist joining it, usually a passionate M-drama actor in my experience, now it seems that this fitna is almost Localized – I wrote about it a while ago. An encounter after a Les Miserable performance when an audience member ‘ruined the experience for those around him’.

The clash escalated when the guilty party responded that the complaints had “spoiled” his evening and, after paying for his ticket, he had every right to resonate.

Last week, Beat Out of Hell at the Playhouse cleverly resolved the issue with an announcement before each performance that the cast did not need the help of a mat loaf in stalls, grand circles or balconies.

It’s not easy for Les Miss to master Jim Steinman’s songs, just like the masterpieces of Bubble and Schبرnberg, so I can understand the irritability caused by people who are strong enough to believe that It would be nice to share their offer.

That said, it is an indication of the evolving nature of theater. Things have changed a lot since the days before mobile, when distractions were limited to just the whispers of sweetie rappers, the obligatory coughing and the occasional “What did he say, Agnes?” As silence fell on the stage.

Today, attitudes and audiences are changing, people don’t even think about checking their phones during performances. I’ve even seen calls in the mid show.

So what do we do Theater is for everyone, those who want a participatory experience and those who like to watch passively, of course, the two will never meet. Some productions acknowledge that with the end of Singling Encore. Most of the time it works.

But really it’s very simple, if the word ‘singalong’ is not in the title, hud yer wheesht.

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