May 20, 2022

Dear Daddy: I ​​feel sick as I write this, but my husband admits that he imagines having sex with my mother.

Finding out what he thinks of my mom when he masturbates has shaken my marriage, and ruined our sex life.


Until he told me about it, a week ago, we were happily married.

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Until he told me about it, a week ago, we were happily married.

I am 38 years old, he is 43 years old and we have been together for ten years.

Last week, in bed, we thought it would be a good idea to spice things up by talking about our fantasies. We agreed on what really turns us on.

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I went first and told her that my idea was to have sex on the beach at night, and that if I could have sex with anyone, I would choose Bradley Cooper.

Then I asked her about her ideas. He was very polite, but I pushed him to tell me.

He finally admitted that when he touches himself he thinks of people he knows – some of my friends, his co-workers and even relatives.

Then, out of fear, she said, “Sometimes I think of your mother. She’s a real MILF.”

Since then, I can barely see it in my eyes, let it touch me.

I’m crazy, I wonder how long he’s been thinking about my mom, who’s 61 years old.

I keep wondering if he’s ever been in hiding with her, and if that’s really what he wants, not me.

One thing is for sure: I can never let him see her again. There will be no more family Christmas or parties. He thinks I’m overreacting, but I can’t get over it.

Daddy says: While it’s good that you and your husband can talk openly about things, it seems like a lot of information and a lot of honesty.

He has told you something that you would rather not know, and understand that he has bothered you.

Although he can’t take it back, you can try to deal with the effects together.
This will help you to understand more about sexual fantasies.

A lot of people think of all kinds of weird and wonderful sex practices. But thinking and doing something are two different things.

Many people do not dream of pursuing their fantasies in real life.

The fact is that they are so hard and crooked that they look attractive.

My support pack on sexual fantasies can be useful for you to read.
Please talk to your husband again and try to work through it.

The shock will subside.

My support pack should help you find your relationship.

And you may agree that it is better to stick to your other fantasies.

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