August 10, 2022

A NAIL salon known for its bizarre designs has once again gone viral with its latest creation: a manicure that includes food including toasted bread and tartella wraps, and a shot glass filled with wine. ۔

Neil Sunny, who has salons in Los Angeles, Russia and Ukraine, has previously used his unique design to scare people online after using everything from jams to live animals.


Nail salon is on fire for using real food and alcohol in manicure.Credit: Jam Press
A video posted on the salon's Instagram shows a woman getting a manicure feeding someone with her fingernails.


A video posted on the salon’s Instagram shows a woman getting a manicure feeding someone with her fingernails.Credit: Jam Press

The brand’s latest offering features a manicure with a long tail covered in food – including bread, wraps, and herbs – as well as all the fixings for a tequila shot, with a shot glass glued to the middle finger. ۔

In a video shared on his Instagram page, a manicureist applies tartella wrapped strips to a nail before garnishing with some fresh herbs.

Then, before whitening another nail, she wraps it in salt so that it can be used with alcohol later.

On the pinky nail, she sticks a toasted piece of bread with an acrylic nail.

On the middle finger, a shot glass is fixed in place, which she fills with alcohol.

The full result? Ready-to-eat appetizer with tequila shot.

Before feeding another woman with her fingers, the woman with the manicure dips her bread-laden talon into what looks like a cup of soup.

The post received over 4,400 likes, but it left viewers in awe of the bizarre creation.

One user said: “Neil Sunny should be stopped.”

“Why do they play with food like that? Absolutely unnecessary,” commented another.

Someone else said: “F *** ed up. In Leningrad, people were starving during the blockade, they put rubbish on their nails.”

“Why play with bread?” Another viewer commented.

“Can’t play with bread,” someone else agreed.

Other users have left inverted and thumbs down emojis on the post.

But not everyone finds this post offensive – some users find it hilarious.

One person said: “I’ll take note.”

“Class,” another user commented with laughing emojis.

Someone else called the sight “fire.”

Neil Sunny has previously shown controversial shapes, including the use of live fish to create “aquarium” manicures, live ants, and a bizarre barbecue design used to cook meat on nails.

The set even came with a wine shot on the nails


The set even came with a wine shot on the nailsCredit: Jam Press

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