May 27, 2022

BRENDAN RODGERS Foxes escaped a panic after a half-time stroke before putting the tie to bed after the break.

And there was another late fear for the home side when James Madison stayed off the bench for just 18 minutes before he was hit by a shock that forced him.


Leicester City, despite being terrified, finally won over the Renders.Credit: Reuters
Wilfred Ndidi gave the foxes a great start.


Wilfred Ndidi gave the foxes a great start.Credit: Reuters
Vito Hammershoj-Mistrati fired briefly at the Danish side level at King Power.


Vito Hammershoj-Mistrati fired briefly at the Danish side level at King Power.Credit: Getty

In the end, however, Lester did what all Rogers could hope for, as he rebuilt his shattered confidence in the lesser-known Conference League.

The Danish Mines Renderers must have thought they were about to unveil the biggest upset in their history when Watto Hammershoj-Mistrati canceled out Wolfred Andy’s opener at half-time stroke.

But whatever Rogers said to his players during his half-time cup, he played tricks because there was a commotion in the Premier League because the Renders – the team was just off the road from Legoland – turned to rubble after the break.

Harvey Barnes, Patterson Dicka and Kernan Dewsbury Hall all helped to score as Leicester turned next week’s return into a formality.

Rodgers will be shuddered tomorrow to discover ‘the random acts of the day of grace.’

His defense has been generous with donations throughout the season, and Renders boss Thomas Thomasburg has admitted he was licking his lips at the possibility of cashing in on Leicester’s corner Chris.

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The Foxes have been extremely charitable, scoring 11 goals from corners in the Premier League alone and a total of 14 set-piece goals.

So Rogers’ perfect game plan was to camp in Dean’s Half, out of the way of loss.

And that’s enough that it panned out for 44 minutes as his team struggled for the usual home win.

After a less important start, the Foxes thought they had grabbed the tie by scratching their necks when they took the lead through an unexpected source in the middle of the first half.

Wolfred Andy celebrated his 200th appearance in a Leicester shirt and scored his second goal of the season.

The Nigerian powerhouse double-worked 1-2 with Edimula Luckman on the left.

And when Winger pushed the ball back to him from the touch line, Ndidi sided the side-footed ball with the help of a slight deviation beyond Patrick Carrigan.

The big man seems to enjoy European nights as his only second goal of the season came in a 3-1 home win over Legia Warsaw in November.

It all seemed normal at the time, as Harvey Barnes, Kernan Dewsbury Hall and Yuri Tylmans separated the renderers.

Leicester managed to score 13 shots on goal before the break but only Sweden’s international keeper Patrick Kerrigren opposed them.

Kernan Dewsbury Hall caught the fourth and corrected the second half.


Kernan Dewsbury Hall caught the fourth and corrected the second half.Credit: PA

He was seen using every part of his anatomy to control Leicester – at one point saving his face from rejecting Pattinson Dick – and his big toe later denying Dewsbury-Hall. For!

He even remembered Lester when he was beaten, and Daniel Amriti cursed his fate when he somehow failed to make it two yards from Carrigan to the recovery house!

However, there was a sting in the tail when Danes – known as the horse – stunned King Power by drawing levels at half-time strokes.

Stand-in left-back Mark Albright slipped and Tosan Kahinde slipped a clear reverse pass before the man was severely disliked by observers.

And Vito Hammershoj-Mistrati expertly threw the ball into the house with Kasper Schmeichel’s right glove.

Lester did not have time to recover before the break, but he made up for lost time when he returned.

Four minutes after the resumption, Dewsbury Hall snatched the renderers and carried the ball to Dicka, who was initially blocked.

But Barnes swung the box to overtake a trapped Carrigan for his fifth goal in Europe.

Five minutes later, Yuri Tylemans scored in the box and when his shot went out of the palm of his hand, Daka rushed to change the rebound.

And the man of the match, Dewsbury-Hall, deservedly added a fourth, steering in the corner away from the Lookman cutback to complete the Foxes ‘Randers’ path.

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