May 26, 2022

More than 500 trees and shrubs have been planted in the grounds of the hotel’s 100-acre estate to create a beautiful and biodiversity food scene for hotel chefs and mexicologists.

The planter, who plants a tree for each bottle of vodka he sells, and the hotel team come together for a natural reunion of minds and a shared passion for sustainability – to revive an exciting new permaculture project. Coins, which is his first project. Type in the UK.

The Forest Garden is an agricultural system designed to mimic the natural forest, using tall tree canopies to create canopies and sub-canopies, up to ground bushes, shrubs and herbs – all together. Makes a stable and durable. Ecosystem

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Raithwaite Sandsend.

The combination of hardy plants requires minimal human intervention, is biologically sustainable and suitable for the UK climate – and yields a variety of crops in all seasons.

In the second spring, another 500 trees will be planted to complete Rethweit’s Forest Garden – soon before the first harvest next year.

Oli Hunter, director of food, beverages and sustainability, said: “By introducing Forest Garden, the UK’s first hotel, we will be able to provide our kitchen and bar with delicious, fresh, perennial fruits, herbs and spices that are used in our menus. Will be done and cocktail

“This is a very interesting step in our own sustainability story, which complements our guest experience and initiates a conversation about sustainability, to teach that we all make a real difference. How can you play your part? “

Raithwaite Sandsend is preparing a forest garden.

Ed Faulkner, whose company Sapling Spirit produces wheat only from regenerated farms in the UK, said: Used as a blueprint for working on projects. Our customers across the country.

“The idea is to use our trees to encourage sustainable, hyper-localized food production.”

The hotel team is also ready to plant new gardens in the hotel grounds, including 16 organic no-dig beds, a compost site and two poly tunnels – fresh, organic fruits and vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes, beans, carrots. To grow Leeds, wild herbs, Asian salads, strawberries, gooseberries, and rhubarb.

They are working to achieve zero waste by 2023.

Maritime Capital, which acquired Rithwaite in 2019, has made significant investments in the hotel’s sustainable development.

And the introduction of the Forest Garden is a historic occasion, ensuring that the hotel’s sustainability plans continue to grow and flourish.

Visit to learn more about the UK’s first hotel, the Forest Garden.

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