May 27, 2022

Smith, the corporation’s first Scotland editor, recently spoke of his “relief” from going to the United States to become North America’s editor because of the “bile” he gained during his Scottish role.

Speaking to the head of corporate affairs at BBC Wales Rice Evans for an academic dissertation, the broadcaster said she had been plagued by “suspicious” views that she followed the political ideology of her father – former Labor leader John Smith. Will do

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In one incident, he recalled, someone knocked down his car window and asked, “Which lie are you lying on TV tonight?”

Journalist Sarah Smith was appointed BBC North America editor in November (Photo: Robert Perry)

Smith said she was “quite the devil’s victim among certain sections of the population” during her tenure, as the corporation came under scrutiny during the 2014 independence referendum.

Speaking to the PA News Agency on Friday, the prime minister condemned the “unsafe” abuse that came from his political leanings.

SNP MSP James Dornen accused Smith of “taking pictures” of the abuse before retreating and finally apologizing for the remarks, while former SNP MP Phil Boswell accused him of being a “traitor”. Applying

Nicola Sturgeon denies being “too much in common” with Sarah Smith’s tormentors. (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images)

Ms Sturgeon said: “Some of this comes from people who claim to be with me in the political debate and I condemn it indiscriminately.

“I have no truck with anyone and in fact I do not consider myself to have much in common with anyone who insults Sarah Smith or any other journalist.

“No one should tolerate this abuse, no journalist should tolerate abuse for doing their job.

“Journalists are an important part of the fabric of our society and politicians are properly scrutinized and held accountable in journalism.

“So no one should tolerate this kind of abuse.”

He added that the mistreatment of journalists, including Smith, should not be used as a “weapon” by other politicians for party reasons, when members of the Scottish Tories demanded that they take up the issue further in their ranks. Press.

“I’ve seen comments today – and I’m not going to name any – of other elected politicians, I don’t know if they want to suggest it, but I’m almost suggesting that Sarah Smith’s There has been unacceptable abuse. Somehow it is my fault and my responsibility, “he said.

“I have a responsibility to call on him, of course I have, but in fact, instead of politicians on the other side of the debate saying that it is my fault when it claims to be on my side or vice versa. It is coming from the people. We must all work together to push it backwards and get it out of politics altogether.

“I do not blame the leaders of other political parties for any minority who have abused me and so we should stop watching it as a weapon against each other and be ready to actually call it, but It must speak out against each other. The position of unity and the position of solidarity and common goal. “

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