May 26, 2022
Scarborough AC team at their home EY Cross Country League meeting in Langdale End

The race, which was one of the toughest in the league, was made even more difficult by strong winds and rain. McThomson writes..

However, both the club’s women’s and men’s teams achieved their best results this season, with the women’s spectacular victory and the men’s fourth position.

The most successful women’s team this season was led by Rona Marshall, who completed her first female player of 79 in her season debut in the league.

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Glenn Hewitt in action for Scarborough AC at his home EY Cross Country League meeting at Langdale End

Then there was Nikki Carwalls, who debuted at number six in the season.

The team’s victory was sealed when Rebecca Dent finished ninth, their best result after four races in the league.

The men’s team was led by Glenn Hewitt, who was 14th in 205 overs and 50 overs in the second over.

This was followed by two more season debuts, Robert Preston at 16th and Matt Machucci at 23rd and 50th over in the third over.

For the men’s team, Simon Burnley was 29th and Andrew Robertson was 52nd, Neil Scroton was 55th and Over 70 was first.

Results for other women Julie Clayton was 36th, Christine Robertson 39th and the second over 60, Lisa Bourne 48th.

Other male results Mark May 58th, Chris Bourne 85th, Dave Fox 117th and third over 70, Millie Sweet Lowe 119th and McThompson 125th and second over 80.

Six members of the club took part in the Valentine’s 10-kilometer road race, which took place in Coimbatore Park, Scanthorpe during the high winds.

The club’s first finisher was Jackson Smith, who was one of the fastest club members in 2021 at a distance of 10 km. He had his first race of the year, finishing first junior at 35.03 and 15th overall at 1017.

Jenny Troyn led the club’s women at 52.10.

Other results David Field 46.17, Chris Wade 54.01, Don Troy 54.33, Linda Hunchleef 59.14.

Kevin Hutchings competed for his first claim club Royston Runners in the Seattle 10-Mile Road Race.

With heavy rain and severe weather conditions and strong winds for the last 4 miles, it finished at 92.43.

Severby remains the most popular parkour for club members, with 11 club members participating in the latest 5km weekly event.

Emma Foster was 18th out of 77 women overall and 6th in over 45 and was first among the club members overall.

Andrew Marr was the club’s man in the 5th over 45 and Alan Cannon in the first over 75 this time.

Results for other women Gail Bernard Second Over 55, Evie Liz First 15-17, Sara Mar Third Third Over 50, Elsa Liz Second 11-14, Sarah Van 8 Over 40, Zoo Reston 9 Over 40, Patricia Cannon First Over 70, Mary Slater 4 Over-70 ۔

Six members of the club participated in the latest Dolby Forest Parker.

The first overall club member was 13-year-old Ben Guthrie, who was second with a Parker Personal best time of 18.12 and 144 overall.

He was followed by three other juniors, Harry Coles third 11-14, Owen Riley first 15-17, and Mitchell England fourth 11-14.

Victoria O’Neill was the club’s first woman in the 17th overall of 68 and the second over 40. Sharon Houghton followed in the 1st over 65.

At Sanders Trek Whitby Parker, David was the only member of the Fox Club and finished 81st overall and 40th in the over 70s.

The Harry White House, which famously completed its goal of 100 different parkers in 2021, participated in a new parkour on Ancholam Valleyway in the North Lincolnshire town of Bragg.

He made his second parkour at the venue where he was 74th overall at 148 and first over 70 with a new over 70 age group course record of 28.59.

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