May 28, 2022

Scotland is preparing for a terrible ‘weather bomb’ as the second hurricane hits the country in 36 hours.

The Meteorological Department said that Hurricane Younis will bring winds of more than 70 miles per hour with a risk of snowfall and power cuts across the country at a height of up to 20 cm.


The Scots are preparing for Hurricane Younes’ weather bomb tomorrow.Credit: ALAMY
More strong winds and some heavy snowfall are expected.


More strong winds and some heavy snowfall are expected.Credit: ALAMY

It’s about to arrive shortly after midnight – Hurricane Dudley warms up the heels of trains and roads.

The Scottish Government held an emergency meeting in its emergency flex room as the Met Office issued a yellow warning for the snow, which was expected to bring blizzards to most parts of the country.

Earlier in the day, Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney said: “With two hurricanes, we expect severe weather to continue through the weekend in large parts of the country.

“We strongly urge everyone to pay close attention to the latest travel tips and take precautions on the roads.

“Hurricane Eunice could bring heavy snowfall and strong winds to most parts of Scotland from early Friday, further threatening transport and other essential services.

“The Scottish Government’s Flexible Committee will continue to monitor the situation. We remain in close touch with local authorities and emergency and essential services to ensure that people in the affected areas receive the latest information, advice and assistance where they are needed. Get it

Yellow Warning for Snow is effective till 6 pm tomorrow.

Central, Tideside and Five, Grampen, Highlands and Islands, Southwest Scotland, Luthian and Borders and Strathclyde are expected to be affected.

At borders, areas over 490 feet can be seen up to four inches. Residents are being warned of extremely poor visibility, blizzard conditions and drifting snow.

Several Aberdeenshire schools have announced that they will be closed tomorrow due to snowfall forecasts.

A Cobra meeting was called to coordinate hurricane response across the UK as troops were on standby in parts of England.

The Met Office issued a red weather warning covering parts of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and parts of South Wales.

Forecasters said the warning “risks life as a result of flying debris” and “threatens to damage buildings and homes, roofs fly and power lines fall” and in south-west England. With winds of up to 100 mph.

Today, wind speeds reached 74 mph in Drummouth, South Lanarkshire, while forecasters forecast 75 mph today.

Hurricane Younes covers Scotland with up to a foot of snow just hours after Hurricane Dudley’s 80 mph winds.

Earlier in the day, the first snow fell in the Highlands, and Network Rail plowed the tracks between Avimore and Inverness.

Rail users are being urged not to travel – less than two days after Scotrail’s early termination due to Hurricane Dudley.

More than 1,500 miles of track had to be checked before train services resumed yesterday morning.

The trees were cleared of tracks and overhead lines and signaling systems were damaged.

Passengers on the ferry were asked to check the routes before traveling, predicting another day’s disruption.

Hurricanes and floods continued to disrupt the M8 in Glasgow, using tailbacks and the Fourth Road Bridge to ban long vehicles.

Frank Sanders, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “After Hurricane Dudley hit many people on Wednesday, Hurricane Younes will bring hurricanes that have hit the southern and central parts of the UK the hardest in a few years. May be one of the most influential storms.

“The Red Warning Area indicates a significant threat to life as extremely strong winds are likely to damage structures and cause flying debris.

“Although winds can reach speeds of up to 90 mph in the most exposed coastal areas in the south and west, winds will remain particularly strong at home, mostly at 70-80 mph in the Amber Warning Area. With a gust of wind. “

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