May 28, 2022

Nicola Sturgeon was urged yesterday to tackle “mismanagement” in her own ranks after she laughed at a TV reporter’s claim to face “bile and hatred” in Scotland.

James Dornen advised the BBC’s Sarah Smith, 53, in an interview that she had been abused by hardline nationalists.


Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to deal with “mismanagement” in her ranksCredit: PA
James Dorman's comments have provoked criticism.


James Dorman’s comments have provoked criticism.Credit: Getty
Annie Wells said the comments were


Annie Wells said the comments were “completely unacceptable.”Credit: Getty

In a letter to the SNP leader, Tory MSP Annie Wells said Mr Dornen’s “derogatory remarks” were “completely unacceptable” and called for action.

Ms Smith revealed how people would “roll down their car windows and ask me, ‘What lie are you going to tell on TV tonight, you’re lying’ h ‘”.

But his remarks, before leaving for the United States, were ridiculed by Glasgow MSP Mr. Dornen, who tweeted: “America will be the place to go at this time to escape all its imaginary worries.”

Later, in the midst of a storm of criticism, he wrote that he should have called it “exaggerated” rather than “imaginary” – before he finally apologized and deleted both tweets.

But on its page, a retweet of a nationalist account remains, citing Miss Smith’s “wild claims.”

In her letter to Ms Sturgeon, Ms Wells said the comments were “clearly horrific”, adding: “While James Dornan has rightly apologized for his comments, I am sure you are responsible. You have to stop abusing your party.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

“You should send a clear message that such false comments are completely unacceptable, and that action will be taken against those who support such hatred online, even if they are in your party.” Wherever

“Sarah Smith’s comments should be embarrassing, not sarcastic.”

The Glasgow Tory MSP added: “This is not the first time your MSP group has not been prosecuted for being rude.”

This comes after Shettelston MSP Mr Mason was accused of sexual harassment after posting in a social media debate about IndyRef2 in 2017 that “the girl doesn’t always say yes for the first time”.

The former prime minister said: “Some of this comes from people who claim to be with me in the political debate and I condemn it indiscriminately.

“I have no truck with anyone and in fact I do not consider myself to have much in common with anyone who insults Sarah Smith or any other journalist.

The BBC’s Sarah Smith says she prefers reporting to a gun-free United States to a hate-filled Scotland.

“No one should tolerate this abuse, no journalist should tolerate abuse for doing their job.

“Journalists are an important part of the fabric of our society and politicians are properly scrutinized and held accountable in journalism.

“So no one should tolerate this kind of abuse.”

He added that the mistreatment of journalists, including Smith, should not be used as a “weapon” by other politicians for party reasons, when members of the Scottish Tories demanded that they take up the issue further in their ranks. Press.

“I’ve seen comments today – and I’m not going to name any – other elected politicians, I don’t know if they want to propose this, but I’m almost suggesting that with Sarah Smith. There has been unacceptable abuse. Somehow it is my fault and my responsibility, “he said.

“I have a responsibility to call on him, of course I have, but in fact, instead of politicians on the other side of the debate saying that it is my fault when it claims to be on my side or vice versa. It is coming from the people. We must all work together to push it backwards and get it out of politics altogether.

“I do not blame the leaders of other political parties for any minority who have abused me and so we should stop watching it as a weapon against each other and be ready to actually call it, but It must speak out against each other. The position of unity and the position of solidarity and common goal. “

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