May 27, 2022

A former cabinet minister has demanded that Buckingham Palace clarify whether taxpayers are funding Prince Andrew’s multimillion-pound litigation.

Tory MP Jack Berry stepped up pressure on the Royals to guarantee this “No money” It came from the wallet of the people.


Prince Andrew is paying Virginia Roberts up to 12 million.[/caption]


Tory MP Jack Berry has demanded.[/caption]

The war-torn Duke of York has agreed to pay a rapist 12 12 million. Virginia Roberts To thwart a humiliating American court battle.

But the palace is refusing to disclose it. Source of money Between claims The Queen is bailing out Andrew. – which refutes all of Ms. Roberts’ claims.

Mr Berry demanded that the unclear source of the cash be disclosed as taxpayers were unknowingly raising bills.

“The royal family wants to make it clear that no taxpayer money has been used as part of this settlement,” he said.

Either the government can explain it or the royal family can explain it. I think as a nation we will be able to move forward.

The former Northern Power House minister criticized Andrew at the time of his platinum jubilee year for throwing the queen into hell.

Labor MP Andrew MacDonald will raise the funding mystery in Parliament next week and turn the tide on Duke.

He told BBC News Night: “This problem will not go away until the people have access to this information and are assured that the use of public money in any way will be settled. Not to contribute. “

Raging Mr McDonald added: “If he wants to go to his mother for a bailout, the taxpayer has to be reassured that it will not come out of his coffers. So easy.”

Andrew receives only a modest بح 248,000 allowance from the Queen, as well as a modest maritime pension of £ 20,000 – leaving him far short of £ 12 million.

The Queen – who receives public grants with her private wealth – is reportedly lending him 2 million.

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