May 27, 2022
If the ongoing campaign is successful, Cyril Blessing Doctor and Surgeon Elsie England will be awarded a new statue in Edinburgh.

But now only Trail Blazing Doctor and Surgeon Elsie Inglis is on the verge of being fully recognized in her hometown.

Plans for a two-week celebration of his life and legacy in Edinburgh have been unveiled as part of a fundraising campaign for a long-awaited statue.

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A campaign to honor the founder of the Scottish women’s hospital service, which was publicly rejected by the British military office on the recommendation of staff for medical units for women, commemorates the centenary of her death five years ago. Was started on

Mothers and children protest outside the Elsie English Memorial Hospital in Edinburgh on the last day before the closure in October 1988. Photo: Dennis Straugen

Led by the Edinburgh branch of the Girl Guiding Movement, the sculpture campaign gained all-party support in November within the city’s Lord Provost, Frank Ross, and City Council.

It is hoped that £ 50,000 will be raised from the forthcoming fundraising program to pay for the statue of Dr. Inglis – the organization responsible for sending 14 medical teams to war zones in Europe – designed at the Royal Mile. And to build.

Among those who appeared were BBC Health Editor Hugh Pim, historian Alastair Bruce, Edinburgh Castle Governor and Downtown Abbey Adviser Sarah Sheridan, where are the women? Featuring women’s stories “aside” from Scottish history, award-winning film and TV producer Iram Qureshi and Linda Bold, a professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh, asked for their advice on epidemics. Widely acclaimed.

Broadcaster Christie’s, tennis coach Judy Murray, actress Gerda Stevenson and cult maker Derrida Knolluch Anderson are also backing the £ 50,000 appeal, which is being supported by Market Tours and Edinburgh Gin Business.

Linda Bowld is Professor of Public Health at the University of Edinburgh and Chief Social Policy Advisor to the Scottish Government. Photo: Andrew Milligan

Highlights of the fundraising events program, which runs from February 27 to March 13, include an exhibition of monuments to Scottish women’s hospitals at St. Giles ‘Cathedral, where Dr. Ingles’ last rites were performed in 1917. There was a gathering of girl guides at Meadows. And a series of discussions on afternoon tea programs in the City Chambers.

Walking around the city will highlight the accomplishments of Dr. Engels and the “Edinburgh Seven” campaigners, the first female students to go to university in the UK.

A gala fundraising dinner at the City Center Restaurant Dine and International Women’s Day celebrations at the city’s French Institute, hosted by Consul Lawrence Pace.

Thierry Lowry, co-founder of the Sculpture for the Elsie campaign, said: “It captures the imagination of not only the women of Edinburgh but also the people of Edinburgh.

Sarah Sheridan PIC: Alexandra Moderziuska

“We are thrilled to think that the legendary and inspiring doctor, philanthropist and founder of Scottish women’s hospitals will always be remembered.

“Young people all over Edinburgh are hearing her name and learning her story for the first time and asking for a statue for a woman.”

Susan Brown, a spokeswoman for Girl Guiding Edinburgh, said: “This statue will provide a focal point to encourage young women around Edinburgh to learn more about this wonderful woman.

“We empower girls to learn about the world, to form their own perspectives, to speak out for the change they want to see and to fight for the key issues they care about, such as That Elsie would do. “

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