May 26, 2022

They have been avoiding each other for years, but Aamir Khan is ready to fight Kyle Brook this weekend.

Khan and Brooke have long been claimed to have made a big splash, but they have never been able to put a pen to paper on a deal.


How do fighters compare before a big fight?

Now that both fighters are at the end of their careers, Khan and Brooke have set their ego aside at the negotiating table to give boxing fans what they have been doing for so long.

Khan has not been in action for more than two years, the last time he defeated Billy Dub in a ridiculous fight in the summer of 2019.

He had earlier lost the World Title fight in Welterweight against Pound star Terrence Crawford for the pound, with whom he had trained in Nebraska before his clash with Brooke.

And it was Crawford who last fought Brooke in November 2020, when Bud stopped Special K in the fourth round of his Las Vegas match-up.

In a fight that could explain the careers of the two fighters, Brooke and Khan will meet in the middle of the ring on February 19 at AO Arena to put it all on the line.

Batting Special – Get Khan at 40/1 or Brock at 30/1 for Boxing Show Down

When is Khan vs. Brock?

  • Khan will have a great confrontation with Brooke. Saturday, February 19 In manchester
  • The match will be played at AO Arena, which hosted Derek Chesora vs. Joseph Parker 2 in December.
  • The event was sold out in minutes and the event will be attended by 20,000 spectators.
  • The color walk for the main event will start around. 10.30 pm UK time
Khan weighed 147lbs while Brooke weighed 148lbs.


Khan weighed 147lbs while Brooke weighed 148lbs.

Which TV channel is Khan vs Brooke and can it be streamed live?

  • Khan vs. Brock will be shown live. Sky Sports box office For fans in the UK.
  • The event will cost 19.95 to purchase, and will start at that time. 6 p.m.
  • Boxers are promoting the show.
  • Sun Sport will cover every hit at night with our live blog.
  • Radio coverage. Live on TalkSPORT All evening

What happened to the weight?

Both boxers weighed in for the big fight, which is being fought at two pounds from 149lbs catch weight – welterweight.

Kyle Brook weighed less than 148lbs per pound, while Aamir Khan weighed 147lbs.

If a fighter was overweight, a fine of ,000 100,000 per pound was imposed.

Khan vs. Brooke Full Card

Fraser Clark, the Tokyo 2020 bronze medalist, made his heavyweight debut against a TBC rival, aiming to become an Olympic star by following in the footsteps of Team GB giants Anthony Johsua and Joe Joyce.

Already in his 30s, with a long and impressive amateur record and thousands of rounds with AJ at the bank, Clark will be heading for the big fights between boxers and Sky Sports.

Khan vs Brooke – The latest odds and free bets

Viddal Riley – a cruiserweight who gained fame by coaching the internet sensation KSI for his famous boxing match – seems to be improving his record with a fight against travel man Wilbyforce Sheikhupu.

After failing to bid for the Super Feeder and lightweight world title, Liverpool’s Queen Natasha Jonas jumped to the Super Welterweight title to crack the WBO World title against Chris Nams.

The 37-year-old mother has faced tough decisions in her two highest profile contests – against Terry Harper and Katie Taylor – so she will be desperate for a world title in the end.

  • Aamir Khan vs Kyle Brook (12 rounds – catch weight, 149 pounds)
  • Natasha Jonas vs. Chris Namas (WBO World Super Welterweight title)
  • Charlie Schofield vs. Jermaine Brown (English Super Middleweight title)
  • Bradley Rhea vs. Craig McCarthy (middleweight)
  • Fraser Clark vs. TBA (Heavyweight)
  • Viddal Riley vs. Willbeforce Shihepo (Cruiserweight)
  • Adam the Great vs. Jordan Allison (Lightweight)
  • Hassan Azeem vs. MJ Hall (Welterweight)
  • Abdul Khan vs Ricky Starkey (Lightweight)
  • Ibrahim Nadeem vs. Tika Bembre (Super Featherweight)

Who is Aamir Khan’s new trainer?

Khan is hoping he has a secret weapon in the corner so he can beat Kyle Brook in trainer Brian ‘Bo Mac’ McIntyre.

And the American certainly knows a thing or two about the two Britons before their Manchester resentment scrap.

Back in November 2020, McIntyre led Crawford to a brilliant fourth round KO of Brook at the empty MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

And Khan has decided to let go of the events that followed his own defeat at the hands of Crawford in April 2019.

It ended some controversial fashion in which Khan was pulled out of his corner after six rounds.

Brian McIntyre will be in the corner of Khan.


Brian McIntyre will be in the corner of Khan.

What has been said?

Khan He said: “Over the last 10 years, I have competed against two of Pound’s best fighters for Pound.

“I never ran away from the nail, I never needed it. What I got speaks for itself.

“There is no point in crying about the past. In the past he did not deserve this fight. Come on February 19, it will be time to see if he can support these words.

“I am coming down with this fight. I have fought the best fight in the world. I have conquered America.

“But people want to see me punch him in the face.

“Now is the time for me to put it in its place and move on to bigger and better things.”

Brooke He said: “He is in the land of the coyote.

“You are getting clean out. I will spark you out. Only then will Aamir Khan hit the deck one last time.

“He always left me behind, never honored me, never recognized me.

He has said: ‘Win the world title then I will fight you, fight this boy then I will fight you’. He has run away.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“I’ve been wanting it for years.”

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