May 27, 2022

The dish is as simple as it sounds, perfect mashed potatoes are not as easy to prepare, with numerous ingredients that can potentially spoil the signature flavor and texture.

For those who can’t imagine their dinner without the perfect side dish, TikTok-famous Michelin star chef, Poppy O’Toole shared five key steps to follow that will speed up your game. ۔

@ poppycooks / Tiktok

Poppy revealed five things, including cutting them evenly[/caption]

The first step, according to him, is to cut the spades into equal balls – while many people want to grate whole potatoes in the pot, cutting them evenly will reduce the cooking time.

When it comes to cooking, the poppy insists that instead of always boiling them, first put them in cold water and add a tablespoon of salt.

Number three, make sure you steam your potatoes – so put a tea towel over them.

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“It will make them nice and dry and extra fluffy,” he said.

Another important ingredient in the final mesh is cream or milk, which gives the potato a velvety texture that melts.

According to the chef, who recently launched his cookbook, Poppy Cook: The food you need.It is important that you heat the cream before adding it to the potatoes.

The reason is that it will be a better mix, he explained.

Number five, before you start sifting them, add butter to your spades.

“A sieve or rice makes your mesh stronger than a mixer,” Poppy shared a bonus tip.

“These five tips will change your mashed poto game forever.”

However, despite the hexes, not everyone was impressed, reading a critical comment: “Bet it is delicious but honestly too much trouble for me, to be honest I can’t even bother to cook.”

Someone else said: “No one sifts,” with a second: “Heavy table salt water is not needed.”

But it wasn’t all negative, because there were a lot of positive feedback, for example: “I peeled the potatoes instead of mashing them and it was really the best decision of my life.”

One supporter wrote: “I don’t really understand the negativity here. Wow!

“If I’m going to cook, I want it to taste great so I can enjoy it to the fullest.”

One observer joked: “I’ve been cooking my potatoes in cold water for three days now.

“It’s not over yet. The sons are crying. Please advise. “

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@ poppycooks / Tiktok

Cutting them evenly will ensure that the spades are ready at the same time.[/caption]

@ poppycooks / Tiktok

Despite the poppy’s recommendations, some people thought it was too salty.[/caption]

@ poppycooks / Tiktok

According to the chef, covering the towel with a towel will create a fluffy mesh.[/caption]

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