May 20, 2022

In November, when the clash between Aamir Khan and Kyle Brook was just a possibility, I described him as the man of tomorrow – and said it shouldn’t happen.

I definitely haven’t changed my mind. In fact, I think I was probably very kind.


Aamir Khan’s suspected chin could be expensive on Saturday night and fight is unlikely to go through six roundsCredit: Getty
For the first time, Kyle Brook could have grabbed Aamir Khan by the chin and killed him.


For the first time, Kyle Brook could have grabbed Aamir Khan by the chin and killed him.Credit: Getty

In fact, they are the day before tomorrow’s men.

Khan has not fought for almost three years. Brock has been out of color for 16 months with two titanium plates to repair a broken eye socket, thanks to Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr.

In his last meaningful fight, Amir dropped out in the sixth against Terrence Crawford. When Kyle challenged American to the WBO Welterweight title, he was fourth – and we haven’t seen him since.

The two former world champions have gone through their sales dates so far, the ink has faded so badly that it is no longer readable.

This fight would have made some sense if it had happened when it should have – six years ago.

It seems that the only justification is to provide 20 million leaves with an increase in their pension utensils. Not surprisingly, Manchester Arena has sold out.

There is as much passion in this phone war as there is in the motorway accident. You feel guilty while staring, yet you can’t take your eyes off it.

I doubt you would like a fight beyond six rounds. I think as soon as Brooke Khan gets a clean shot on his suspicious chin, it will be over.

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The most perceived resentment is that of ticket-selling cars, and when the last bell rings, men are meant to hate one another, as if they were long-lost brothers.

Derek Chisora ​​vs David Haye is a classic. Chisora, after being criticized by Vitali Klitschko in Munich, got into an argument at a post-fight press conference with Haye when his colleague Burt complained to him.

Haye went on to knock out Chesora in Upton Park – then became her manager and promoter. They looked like lifelong partners during their partnership.

Carl Froch said of George Groves, whom he defeated twice: “I hated him and wanted to grind my teeth in his throat.”

Despite this, the couple has recently been seen hugging each other and working as TV pundits. Some grievances, though, are taken to the grave. Joe Frasier constantly insulted Muhammad Ali by calling him ‘Uncle Tom’.

US President Bill Clinton and audiences around the world wept as Ali, who was devastated and violently shaken by Parkinson’s, lit the Olympic flame at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

The next morning, Fraser was asked on TV if he found the scene moving – and he said: “They should have thrown it into the fire.”

The longest running feud in British boxing was between two of his top promoters – Jack Solomon and Harry Levine – which lasted for almost 40 years.

When Solomon died in 1979, Leon was asked if he would like to say, “My next show is at Wembley on March 22,” to which he replied. Now this is a match of real resentment.

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