May 25, 2022

Thanks to Emile Smithro’s brilliant run and finish, Arsenal have given Brentford the lead at home.

The Gunners began their season with a 2-0 one-sided defeat at Brentford in the Bayes’ first Premier League game.

Arsenal are currently sixth in the Premier League table, four points behind fourth-placed Manchester United.

  • Start time: 3 p.m.
  • Location: Emirates Stadium, London
  • TV channel: Unfortunately, due to UEFA’s blackout rule, the game is not available in the UK.
  • Arsenal lineup: Cedric, White, Gabriel, Terni, Odyssey, Party, Zaka, Saka, Lacazette, Smith Rowe.
  • Brent Ford lineup: Raya, Ajir, Johnson, Punk, Canvas, Jensen, Norgard, Da Silva, Henry, Embiomo, Vesa.

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  • Arsenal 1-0 Brent Ford

    47. The best start of the second half for Michael Arteta’s men who didn’t need a cross to score in the end.

    What the boss said in half time worked.

  • Round! – Smith-Rowe puts Arsenal in the lead!

    Emile Smith-Rowe continued to score extraordinary goals this season.

    The Englishman cut inside with his left hand and passed it to David Raya in the bottom right-hand corner.

    Arsenal 1-0 Brent Ford

  • Second Half – Arsenal 0-0 Brentford

    And we’re back in the UAE for another 45.

  • A brief summary of the first 45

    Honestly, there was not much to shout about in the first half of the game.

    Arsenal took full control of the first whistle, which put a lot of pressure on the bee’s defense and created a big threat without a goal.

    Alexander Lacazette rejected his attempt for offside and the Gunners had two penalty appeals but Jonathan Moss had no interest.

    Hopefully we’ll get another more interesting 45 where Brent Ford has fought more.

  • Half opening based on numbers

    Gunners have dominated every board figure with a landslide and nowhere near bees have been found.

    But what stands out most is the amount of cross they cast.

    An amazing 32 cross!

    I think the players have forgotten that Oliver Gerrod no longer represents them.

  • Half time – Arsenal 0-0 Brentford

    Not the blockbuster performance we’ve ever expected from both sides in the UAE.

    If anything, it’s a story full of corners and crosses instead.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    45 + 2. There is no way for Arsenal in this half because the bees are standing firm.

    Michael Arteta will have to do something in the second half or it will be a waste of time for his team.

  • Four minute stop time has been added!

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    43. Jensen is back on his feet and has moved to the sidelines for further treatment, which means that the bees are currently down to ten men.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    42. Mathias Jensen is down after a shot by Bukayo Saka and needs some treatment which hit him in the torso strangely.

    It doesn’t look good for a bee midfielder.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    40. For all Arsenal’s pressure, they still have to really test David Raya’s hands, which will disappoint them.

    But there is still five minutes and stoppage time left to change the half time team talk.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford – Another penalty appeal!

    36. Cedric hits a shot that hits the arm of Yunus Vesa who slips in from a mile away but Jonathan Moss waves the game.

    There is anger at Arsenal and so is Michel Arteta because it could have been a fine.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    33. Business is open as usual because Thomas Frank’s men clean it without any hassle.

    Weapons really need to start doing something with these corners, otherwise it can cause them some serious regrets.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    31. Another Corner Gunners have won.

    This is really turning into an attack vs. defense training session.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    28. On this occasion, instead of Bakayev Saka, Cedric swung on a great ball.

    However, when Christopher Ajir dealt with it comfortably, he returned to Arsenal’s drawing board.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    26. It seems that Brent Ford has withstood the Gunners’ constant storm but he has given another corner.

    This is already Arsenal’s 5th corner of the game.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford – Lacazette who was awesome!

    23. Grant Zaka did a good job of stopping Christian Norgard before finding Alex Lacazette in the acreage.

    And instead of choosing the run of Emile Smith-Roy instead of the Frenchman, he chose to shoot and the attempt was quite successful.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford – Bad Party!

    20. Usually when a Thomas party moves forward and gets shot, it tends to kill pigeons on the roof.

    However, Ghana international David Raya managed to keep his shot down by panicking the Brentford goal.

    But the effort went far beyond the mark.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    18. It is better than bees.

    Bryan Mbuemo passed by Kiran Terney before driving down the right arm and digging a cross.

    But unfortunately, none of his teammates were on the same page, which means Arsenal managed to eliminate him easily.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    16. An unbeaten goal did not alienate the North London club from their game as they continue to dominate the game.

    Thomas Frank needs to react and act fast.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford

    13. These were excellent examples of the game between Bakiyev Saka, Martin Odigard and Alex Lacazette.

    However, the French player only deviated from the off side and the right decision was made.

    Brent Ford has used Lifeline.

  • Jonathan Ross has rejected it for offside!

    The UAE is not happy.

  • Round! – Lacazette catches opener!

  • Arsenal 0-0 Brent Ford – Was it a penalty ?!

    9. Arsenal players were shouting at the referee to investigate the incident with Lacazette and Christopher Ajir.

    But the referee had no interest.

    Credit: PA

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