May 27, 2022

The UK faces a formidable threat from hostile countries that challenges our way of life, warns a top British spy.

MI5 Director General Ken McCallum has claimed that Russia and China are waging a secret war in Britain, interfering in our Parliament as well as trying to steal from businesses, universities and ordinary Britons.


MI5 Director General Ken McCallum has demanded that the Official Secrets Act be ignored.Credit: PA
MI5 boss warns Russia and China are fighting


MI5 boss warns Russia and China are fighting “secret war” in BritainCredit: AFP

He called for a review of Britain’s espionage laws, which he called a “struggle” for our “system” and “values”.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Cold War, but said that maintaining some independence was important. They are our allies, dear ones.

Addressing Daily mailKane warns that the UK’s Official Secrets Act is outdated, meaning Britain is “working with one hand behind our backs on state threats”.

He added: “The laws that stood the test of time regarding the theft of state secrets are insufficient to deal with the more interconnected world in which we all live.

“I don’t think we have enough legal authority to deal with what we are seeing now.

“With state threats, we try our best to make the UK flexible, but in many cases, we do not have the capacity to prosecute in criminal courts; for example, it is not currently a criminal offense. Is a secret agent of a foreign power. “

The government has already planned to amend the “outdated” Official Secrets Act, including changing the word “enemy” to “foreign power” and making espionage a crime, even if a British citizen. Why not

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also promised to introduce a bill that would make it a criminal offense for foreign governments not to register their presence for working people.

Mr McCallum said “espionage and interference” by several “powerful nations” had become increasingly common in recent years.

“We need to make it clear that different worlds are now competing, sometimes outwardly, sometimes inwardly, between the liberal democratic model of the West and the more authoritarian model of nations,” he said.

“It simply came to our notice then. [And] Britain does not need to isolate itself from the world.

“But we need to make it clear that standing up for our values ​​and our way of life is important, and sometimes it involves tough choices.”

He also said lawmakers should expect more security alerts, as issued by MI5 last month about lawyer Christine Lee, and claimed that both China and Russia were close advisers to the prime minister. Trying to access

In January, MI5 took the unusual step of sharing a warning with MPs that Lee – a prominent London-based lawyer – was involved in “political interference activities” by the Chinese government.

It is important to stand up for our values ​​and our way of life and sometimes it involves hard choices.

Ken McCallumDirector General, MI5

MI5 accuses Labor donors of taking cash from Beijing to influence parliament because it has publicly warned MPs and colleagues to avoid it.

Tensions between Britain and China have recently escalated due to the superpower’s cowardly lies, serious human rights violations and increasing spying attacks.

In a dramatic move, MI5 blew the whistle on a publicly suspected agent after years of investigating its activities in Westminster.

The security service issued an alert and a photo of Lee, accusing him of “giving financial donations to serving and aspiring politicians” in a highly unusual move.

Lee, who also shook hands with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, has long been a fundraiser in Mr. Gardner’s office through his law firm, Christine Lee & Co., which also works for the Chinese embassy in London. Is.

Last month, MI5 issued a warning to lawyer Christine Lee, OK.


Last month, MI5 issued a warning to lawyer Christine Lee, OK.

In another major intelligence mission, it was revealed last year that a suspected Russian spy had infiltrated a Conservative Party conference.

MI5 agents arrested a man after learning that he was trying to get close to senior politicians, including the prime minister.

Just a day before Boris Johnson’s keynote speech in Manchester, he was seen meeting with the Top Tories inside the safe zone.

A senior party source said: “He seemed to want to ask cabinet ministers to take selfies – but we feared it would be worse.”

The suspect, with his thin, sandy hair in his 40s, was wearing a dark brown jacket and tie and was wearing a coveted mask and an official conference pass.

He is said to be constantly on his phone, taking pictures and sending messages.

MI5 and police identified him as a Russian diplomat who had been cleared to attend a five-day conference.

A Tory spokesman declined to comment on the operation, saying “many foreign delegates are attending the Conservative Party conference.”

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