May 20, 2022

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that an independent Ukraine demands nothing but peace and that it should make its own decisions because every sovereign country has the right to do so.

In his keynote address at the Munich Conference in Ukraine, the Prime Minister – who, despite Brexit, played a key role in the European crisis that brought Britain to the world stage – echoed Churchill’s voice.

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“Their safety is our security. We are committed to ensuring that it is not compromised.”

Speaking to the Ukrainian president – a former TV comedian – Mr Johnson added that Russia’s attack on Ukraine would “destroy the democratic state” because he would not allow any attack to take place. In response, he called for unity among the West.

Video: Vladimir Putin fires a new Kalashnikov rifle.

He said intelligence showed that the conflict between Moscow and Kiev seemed “more likely” because it had promised to stop money laundering from the Kremlin through the city of London.

He told the Munich Security Conference: “If Ukraine is invaded, and if Ukraine is defeated, we will witness the destruction of a democratic state – a country that has been free for a generation. It has a proud history of elections. ”

He said the international shock of the Russian attack would “reverberate around the world”, as Britain urged Moscow to engage in talks to end the conflict.

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Mr Johnson, who visited Kiev a fortnight ago, warned that the incursion by 150,000 Russian troops gathered on the border would lead to a “generation of bloodshed and misery”, in which Ukrainians We will fight for the return of freedom.

“As I speak to you today, we do not know exactly what (Russian) President Putin intends, but the omens are terrible and that is why we must stand firm with each other.”

“I am convinced that Russia will have absolutely nothing to gain from this catastrophic project, and nothing to lose.

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“And while there is still time, I urge the Kremlin to reduce tensions, withdraw its forces from the border and renew our dialogue.”

The alarm bells rang in Germany after US President Joe Biden said Washington had reason to believe that Russian forces were “planning to invade” Ukraine in the coming days, including 2.8 million. This includes targeting Kiev, a city populated by

Friday night saw what Western allies called a “false flag” bombing raid on Russian-backed separatist territories in Ukraine – with civilians fleeing to Russia and running local banks.

He has called.

Mr Biden said in a White House press briefing on Friday that he was “convinced” that Mr Putin had “decided” to move his troops across the border, adding that he had spent weeks saying he did not think Russian leaders Were decisive

In Munich, Mr Johnson said Russia should be seen “failing” if diplomacy did not succeed in maintaining peace.

Mr Johnson said Britain’s commitment to paying Moscow for any military action would include ensuring that it was “impossible” for Russian oligarchs and companies affiliated with the Russian state to raise funds in London. Mr. Johnson said.

“We will open the Matryoshka doll of Russian-owned companies and Russian-owned entities to find the ultimate beneficiaries,” he said, vowing to clean up so-called “dirty” Russian money in Britain. Will be done

Mr Johnson is scheduled to meet with fellow leaders, including German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, after his speech to discuss tensions on the Ukrainian border.

The move comes as Britain chooses to move its embassy in the Ukrainian capital to Leviat near the Polish border “temporarily”, amid growing concerns about an attack on the Kremlin’s orders.

While the West is using the Munich summit to send a message to Moscow, Mr Putin was to watch Russian forces twist their military muscles during large-scale nuclear exercises.

It has vowed to protect Russia’s national interests, which it sees as a siege of Western threats.

But the prime minister said Mr Putin, citing “the tensions he has created”, blamed himself solely for the deployment of NATO forces in the eastern part of the alliance and near the Russian border.

There is concern in the West that growing instability in eastern Ukraine, where government forces have been fighting pro-Russian rebels since 2014 in a conflict that has killed nearly 14,000 people, could lead to a wider war. ۔

The long-running separatist conflict could spark a wider offensive, with London and Washington raising the possibility of using the “False Flag” operation to cover Russia’s offensive.

The head of the pro-Russian separatist government in the Donetsk region, Denis Pushkin, issued a statement on Saturday announcing the full movement of troops and urging reserves to be present at military registration offices.
A similar announcement was made immediately in the Luhansk region by separatist leader Leonid Pasichenko.

The announcements come as the mass evacuation of women, children and the elderly from rebel-held areas in both regions began in neighboring Russia, with some observers speculating that Moscow It is part of an effort to paint Ukraine as an aggressor.

Friday marked a day of escalating violence in which a humanitarian convoy was shelled and a car bomb exploded outside a central government building in the eastern rebel-held city of Donetsk, while rebel-held There were two explosions in Luhansk.

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