May 22, 2022

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family is planning a full expansion with toilets, kitchens and courtyards for the charity named after him.

The Captain Tom Foundation, founded by the veteran’s family as a result of fundraising efforts, is at the heart of the Charity Commission’s regulatory compliance case.


Captain Sir Tom Moore raised a large sum of 39 39 million for the NHS.Credit: Sun.
Captain Tom's family is planning to build an extension for the charity.


Captain Tom’s family is planning to build an extension for the charity.Credit: Splash

It was revealed that the charity spent more on management than charity grants in its first annual account statement.

The Captain Tom Foundation paid £ 54,000 to two companies run by the fundraiser’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, and her husband, Colin.

And the accounts show the foundation – which sells Captain Tom Jin, roses and T-shirts on its website – donated £ 160,000 to good causes, spending £ 240,000 on management and fundraising.

The charity commission confirmed that it would review the accounts – but insisted that there was no criminal misconduct.

The Sun may also indicate that Ingram-Moors was allowed to plan for a new property in their home field last year.

The 15×6 meter building will include toilet, kitchen and outdoor patio area.

The plan documents submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council state that “it will be used in part for private use but mostly in connection with the Captain Tom Foundation”.

The request was made in the name of Maytrix Group, which already has offices in a separate property building.

Hannah told The Sun that the new building was “run entirely with family money.”

The Captain Tom Foundation was founded in June 2020 to continue the incredible fundraising efforts of the Bedfordshire Army veteran when it raised a total of £ 39 million for NHS charities.

In its first year of operation, the charity has raised approximately £ 1.1 million in donations.

But its audited accounts show that only £ 160,000 was given in charitable grants, while £ 240,000 was spent on administrative and fundraising expenses.

Of the expenses, £ 126,424 was spent on “Fundraising Consultancy Fees” while £ 20,884 was spent on “Advertising and Marketing Expenses”.

Over a 12-month period, two companies controlled by Hannah Colin – called Club Nook Limited and Maytrix Group Limited – received a total refund of over £ 54,000.

Although a case has been initiated in the charity, this does not mean that anything wrong has been found.

And earlier this week, it was claimed that the foundation had tried to appoint Hina as its CEO at a salary of £ 150,000 before the Charity Commission stopped the move.

Instead, in August 2021, he was appointed interim CEO for nine months.

Hannah insisted that the commission had stopped her appointment “100 percent false.”

Stephen Jones, chairman of the foundation’s board of trustees, said the foundation needed “in accordance with the law” to get the commission’s consent to appoint Hannah as CEO – but during talks with Watchdog Decided that this role was “not what she wanted to promote”. .

A spokesman for the Charity Commission said it was “engaged” with the charity’s trustees “in its setup and governance arrangements”.

Hannah told The Sun she was “never authorized to make any payments to the charity” nor did she make any payments to her company.

In a statement, he said: “Every penny – over £ 38 million – from my father, Captain Tom Moore’s outstanding fundraising efforts – was paid directly to NHS Charities Together in early 2020 And the NHS has been using charities as together. They look fit.

“It’s completely different from the foundation we later founded on his clear desire, the Captain Tom Foundation.”

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