August 7, 2022
Singer and loose woman star Jane MacDonald celebrates her home county in Yorkshire in her series on Sunday 20 February at 9pm on Channel 5
Singer and loose woman star Jane MacDonald celebrates her home county in Yorkshire in her series on Sunday 20 February at 9pm on Channel 5

Reflecting her childhood, she visits the beautiful village of Holmforth, which is the setting for Last of the Summer Wine.

A strong TV favorite in the McDonald family, he met actor Jonathan Lanceley, who played the crusher in the series.

She visits Wakefield Cathedral, where she, as a young girl, spends several hours away from lunch, amazed by her magnificent interior, ending with a spectacular cathedral choir performance at Chantry Chapel. Is. And reminiscent of the old days at the Wakefield Theater Club, one of the largest clubs in the North, where all the big stars of the day performed.

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Singer Jane, who first made her TV debut on the BBC documentary Soap the Cruise, was a popular member of the Loose Women panel for many years before leaving the show, along with many of her favorite Channel 5 shows, Cruising With. BAFTA won. Jane McDonald.

In her autobiography, Riding the Views, Jane talks to former Likud gold star Ed Roth about her childhood romance, when she worked at a local nightclub in Wakefield.

After parting ways, reunited two decades later after a chance meeting at ITV studios and reunited for 12 years before the 67-year-old Ed, who died tragically last year after battling lung cancer. Ed died while the country was in lockdown.

“It’s a love letter to the audience about why I keep mentioning Yorkshire and Wakefield all the time,” Jane said.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m on any show, I always mention Wakefield somewhere. I just want to show everyone my beautiful city and my beautiful county.”

Later in the series, Jane visits the East Coast, which includes Bradington, Scarborough and Whitby.

“That coastal area is going to die, and you’ll see why. I go everywhere in Knaresborough and above The Moors, Yorkshire Dales; it’s just amazing. We’ve been to a lot of places.

“I think my hometown is special to me. Just looking at how it evolved. It was difficult for a lot of people in Yorkshire in the 70’s and 80’s, but that’s the flexibility. It’s gone and it’s coming back. I think all cities are, but I hope they all come back with new plans and new ways that we had. We used to be very hardworking and it There is a lot of damage to everything around, but hopefully new flowers will bloom. “

Jane will join the Yorkshire Platinum Jubilee Concert at the Scarborough Open Air Theater on Saturday, June 4, with a host of special guests.

These are Jane’s 2022 tour dates.

June 9 – De Mont Fort Hall, Leicester

June 10 and June 11 – Winter Gardens, Blackpool

June 12 – Bristol Hippodrome Theater

June 18 – Little Coat House, Berkshire

June 25 – Thorsby Hall, Nottinghamshire

July 1 – Victoria Theater, Halifax

July 2 – Bodell Wyden Castle, North Wales

July 3 – Venue Simro, Landodno

July 7 – The Annual, Basingstoke

July 8 – Congress Theater, Eastbourne

July 9 – Cena Warren, Hampshire

July 10 – Princess Theater, Tarquay

July 16 – Westin Hall, Cheshire

July 17 – Alexandra, Birmingham

July 18 – Norwich Theater Royal, Norwich

July 19 – Norwich Theater Royal

July 22 – The Lori, Manchester

August 19 – O2 City Hall, Newcastle

August 20 – Birdlington SPA

August 27 – Cricket St. Thomas, Somerset

August 28 – Milton Keynes Theater

September 2 – Edinburgh Playhouse

September 3 – Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

September 4 – Perth Concert Hall

September 9 – Cliffs Pavilion, South End on Sea

September 10 – Regent Theater, Stoke on Trent

September 11 – Wolverhampton Grand Theater

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